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Event: TAPA Trade Forum, TAPA and Harbourfront Centre


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9:30am-10:00am: REGISTRATION
Location: Marilyn Brewer Community Space

Location: Studio Theatre

10:00am: KEYNOTE ADDRESS, City Building Through Artscape, Tim Jones, President & CEO; Artscape
Location: Studio Theatre
Economists are heralding the arrival of the creative economy, city leaders are advancing creative city movement all over the world, but what does this mean for performing arts companies? Artscape President and CEO Tim Jones will unpack the dense rhetoric around the ‘creativity agenda’ and explore how our arts community can play a leading role in this dialogue.

11:00am: Spinglobe: Participation Marketing in the Conversation Age, session 1A
Panelist: Sean Howard, Director of Strategy and Innovation; Lift Communications
Location: Studio Theatre
Sean will bust some of the myths surrounding social media and focus in on the behavioural truths changing our world. With organizations of every shape and size struggling with how to respond, deal with and even leverage social media, it is critical that we be begin to include it in our communications strategies. Sean presents an approach that allows us to rethink social media from a communications and engagement strategy point of view. The focus returns to accomplishing communication objectives versus just participating in a “hot” trend. This popular session “sold out” last year, don’t miss it!

11:00am: Tricks of the Trade: Marketing on a Shoestring, Demystifying Grants & Community Connections, session 1B
Panelists: Cathy Gordon, Creator/Producer; The Theatre Centre, Donna-Michelle St. Bernard, General Manager; Native Earth Performing Arts, Bridget MacIntosh, Producer; The Fringe of Toronto Theatre Festival
Location: Lakeside Terrace
Ever wonder how others get it all done? Join three experienced and creative minds from Toronto’s vibrant performing arts scene as they share their knowledge and experience. Over the course of the hour and half, you will have the opportunity to take part in three intimate round-table discussions where you will be taken through concrete examples and have a chance to discuss. A great way to add to your tool belt and inspire you to find your own approach. Please note: Limited capacity, register early!

Location: Marilyn Brewer Community Space
A chance to chat one on one with representatives from various cultural and government organizations about the services offered for independent artists and organizations.

1:30pm: E-Marketing Essentials, session 2A
Panelist: Eugene Carr, Founder & President; Patron Technologies
Location: Brigantine Room
Keeping in touch quickly, clearly and safely with your audience is essential to any performing arts organization or artist. Eugene Carr from Patron Technology (New York) speaks about the current advances in patron technology and how your company can directly benefit.

1:30pm: HR Essentials: Creating a Healthy Work Environment, session 2B
Moderator: Ella Cooper, Director; Emerging Arts Professional Network
Panelists: Jeanne Lesage, Former Director of Human Resources; Toronto International Film Festival and Jennifer Winchester, Director of Operations; Soundstreams Canada
Location: Lakeside Terrace
Artists and administrators create the environment in which they work. Unions and HR departments make infrastructure decisions—but how do you ask questions about your contract, negotiate for your rights, and speak your mind? As an employer do you create a work environment that makes your proud? As an arts organization, how can you help maintain a healthy and communicative work environment for your employees even when the workflow becomes really demanding?

In discussion with Moderator Ella Cooper, Director of the Emerging Arts Professional Network, both panelists will provide diverse perspectives on how to ask questions about your contract, how to interview your potential employer, and for those who come representing organizations, the lively discussion will also help illustrate how the keep the lines of communication open and honest in the workplace.

3:00pm: Visual Branding Case Camp session, 3A
Panelists: Jeannette Hanna, Vice President, Brandy Strategies; CUNDARI SFP and Brent Nelsen, Director of Planning; Leo Burnett Canada
Location: Brigantine Room
Using actual examples of promotional materials of TAPA members, experts from two renowned advertising companies take you through key principles of effective print marketing. Find out what works, what doesn’t work and why.

Please note that if you would like your materials to be assessed by the experts in the session, you must submit them by Tuesday, April 22st. Please contact Alexis Da-Silva Powell for further details.

3:00pm: Business & The Arts: How We Can Connect, session 3B
Moderators: Meredith Potter, Producer, Volcano/Peggy Baker Dance Projects/Dusk Dances; and Takashi Yamashita, Associate Director, GE Real Estate
Panelists: Nicole Anderson, President and CEO, Business for the Arts; Jason Dehni, Vice President, Business Development and Live & Health Domestic Insurance, Scotiabank Group; Alden Hadwen, Manager, Community Investment, Aeroplan; Gillian Hewitt, Head of Communications, Capital Markets, Royal Bank of Canada; and Greg Reed, former President & CEO of Dundee Bank, cultural advisor to Mayor Miller
Location: Lakeside Terrace
Join Executive Director of Business for the Arts Nichole Anderson, TAPA Board member Meredith Potter and guest business leaders and innovators to discuss how the arts and business communities interact and why. Hear case studies of successful arts/business partnerships and initiatives and meet some of Toronto’s leading arts advocates in the business world as they reveal what makes them passionate about supporting what we do.

4:00pm: SOAP BOX
Location: Lakeside Terrace
Your chance to let attendees know about an upcoming production, a new initiative you’re working on, a great show you saw, to make a statement about performing arts today–the Soap Box is a chance for your to have your say.

4:15pm: Developing Youth Audiences for Tomorrow
Location: Lakeside Terrace
Moderator: Jacoba Knaapen, Executive Director; Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts
Panelists: Cheryl Ewing, Executive Director; eyeGO to the Arts, Andrew Lamb, Director of Education & Outreach; Tarragon Theatre, Tina Rasmussen, Director of Performing Arts; Harbourfront Centre

Location: Marilyn Brewer Community Space