Announcement: Proposed New Fundraising Guidelines, Revenue Canada

Revenue Canada has proposed new fundraising guidelines. These guidelines have serious implications for small and mid-size charities in particular and we have until August 31st to provide CRA with feedback.

Some of the ways the guidelines may affect your organization include:

  • impacting your ability to raise funds from the general public;
  • imposing a significant additional administrative burden and associated costs;
  • impacting your ability to earn income and;
  • possibly losing your charitable registration for high fundraising costs over which you may have little control or choice.

To assist the nonprofit sector in giving informed feedback, ONN has prepared an in-depth brief to the field detailing the practical implications and our recommendations. Another very interesting brief has been written by Man, Mus and Carter in the latest Charity Law Bulletin entitled “Be Careful What You Ask For” and it includes a legal analysis and summary of the guidelines.

Please respond to the CRA consultation and please encourage others to get active and respond. A little effort now may help a great deal in the long run.

Submissions should be sent by August 31st to: