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Call for Submissions: Nominations Wanted, Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards,


How did Michel Pagliaro, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Gordon Pinsent, Veronica Tennant and Eugene Levy all become recipients of Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards?

They were nominated by members of the public who wanted to see their performing arts heroes recognized for their passion, creativity and inspiration.

All Canadians can play a role in Canada’s most prestigious awards in the performing arts by making a nomination. The process is simple. All that’s required is a strong letter of recommendation and a short biography of the nominee.

Deadline for 2011 nominations: June 21, 2010
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Pourquoi a-t-on accordé un Prix du Gouverneur général pour les arts du spectacle (PGGAS) à Michel Pagliaro, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Gordon Pinsent, Veronica Tennant et Eugene Levy?

Leur candidature a été soumise par des membres du public qui souhaitaient voir leurs héros récompensés pour leur passion, leur créativité et leur inspiration.

Les PGGAS représentent la plus haute distinction accordée dans le domaine des arts du spectacle au Canada. Tous les Canadiens peuvent contribuer à cette célébration en proposant une candidature. Le processus est simple : vous n’avez qu’à nous envoyer une lettre de recommandation passionnée et une courte biographie du candidat.

Date limite : le 21 juin 2010
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Workshop: DYI Publicity, The Second City

The Second City presents a revolutionary new seminar from the award-winning publicists of the 2008 SCTV reunion and the Canadian Comedy Awards…

DYI Publicity

Learn everything you’ll need to know about promoting your shows, events,– and most of all, your career –  like a professional publicist

On Saturday, May 28th, the DYI Publicity seminar will be unleashed at the Second City. Taught by the Shehori Brothers (the award-winning publicists of The Second City) and Megan Mooney (respected editor) this one-of-a-kind seminar will give you literally thousands of dollars worth of publicity secrets and teach you the dos and don’ts of dealing with the industry.

The instructors will share their proven publicity methods and secrets on how to obtain significant media attention for yourself and your endeavours in plain and simple terms. In addition, they’ll teach you to think about your career in a new way that will move you quickly and confidently towards your goals.

Their goal is twofold:

A) To finally empower everyday actors, producers, comedians, musicians and small business owners with the knowledge to publicize and promote themselves, without having to spend upwards of thousands of dollars on a publicist. The power of promotion can finally be in their hands.

B) To teach how to establish a positive, respectful relationship with the media that doesn’t involve cheesy confetti-laced press kits, poorly-constructed press releases, and dozens of hassling phone calls/e-mails.

Among other things, the seminar will:

  • Guide you, step by step, on the dos and don’ts of creating memorable press releases & eye-popping press kits
  • Teach how to make your shows stand out and appear more attractive to newspapers, radio, TV and web
  • Show you how to leverage social media (like Facebook and Twitter) to get the word out about your project
  • Teach how to optimize your show’s success + be nominated for national awards
  • Increase your media profile in Toronto, Canada, the U.S., or elsewhere
  • Help you with getting an agent, or help your current agents get you more work
  • Help you with obtaining government grants and garnering a U.S. Work Visa

PLUS: Everyone in attendance will receive a publicity booklet, which includes:

  • Entertainment media list (over 250 media contacts)
  • Numerous sample press releases & templates
  • Key Industry contacts for photography, poster services, editors, videographers, graphic designers, etc…

Between them, the Shehori Brothers have garnered two Gemini Award nominations, a Dora nomination, plus 15 Canadian Comedy Award nominations (and 2 wins!) as writers, directors and producers. Working alongside the creators of the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical The Drowsy Chaperone, the brothers co-produced the critically acclaimed production An Awkward Evening with Martin & Johnson. More recently, they’ve penned 12 national award shows, written for The Huffington Post, and served as senior writers for The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos.

Five years ago, Megan Mooney moved from a corporate setting where she focused on marketing and seminar facilitation, into writing about theatre. After a few years of writing about theatre for blogTO, she started her own publication, Mooney on Theatre. She is now the editor with over ten writers contributing regular content. This session includes a bonus for Fringe participants. Although by the time this seminar takes place you should have already submitted some press materials to the Fringe Publicist, but that’s just the beginning of your publicity journey. With that in mind, we’ve included an added bonus this session for Toronto Fringe 2010 Participants (or, anyone who is interested in how to publicize their Fringe show in the future).

This session only – an extra hour putting the general knowledge you’ve learned in the context of Fringe.

Although by the time this seminar takes place you should have already submitted some press materials to the Fringe Publicist, but that’s just the beginning of your publicity journey.  With that in mind, we’ve included an added bonus this session for Toronto Fringe 2010 Participants (or, anyone who is interested in how to publicize their Fringe show in the future).  It’s a combination of directed content, and a Q&A period. Benefit from the knowledge of people who have had their own very successful Fringe shows and publicized those of others, and someone who has coordinated Fringe media coverage for several years in a row.

The best part? If the seminar gets you two people per show (well, three extra for one of those shows) that you wouldn’t have otherwise, then you’ve made your money back. And, the knowledge doesn’t go away, you will use it again and again with other productions.

DYI Publicity

Saturday, May 29, 2010
10am to 4pm @ the Second City Training Centre
70 Peter Street, Lower Level
Cost: $150 (tax included)
Registration by phone at 1-888-340-7270, online at or by e-mail at

For additional information, pop by or

Announcements: Naomi Campbell Leaving After 16 Years, Nightswimming

May 19, 2010

Naomi Campbell, Nightswimming’s long-time Producer, leaving after 16 years. Toronto, Ontario – Nightswimming announced today that Producer Naomi Campbell, who has been with the company since it was established in 1994, will leave her current position on July 31.

“Naomi has been with Nightswimming since our very first project, Don Druick’s awardwinning Through the Eyes, and has been instrumental in defining the nature of the company, and ensuring the successful development of all its artistic projects,” said Artistic Director Brian Quirt. “Naomi has devoted her career to creating, managing, strengthening and leading non-profit performing arts organizations in Toronto. She continues to make an indelible contribution locally, provincially, nationally and internationally. Her list of on-going commitments and freelance engagements – on top of her enormous contribution to Nightswimming – demonstrates the impact one individual can have on a specific field. I have been a beneficiary of Naomi’s great talents, her friendship, and her commitment to this art form. She has made Nightswimming possible and has contributed to every moment of its growth and every part of its success over the past 16 years.”

Highlights of Naomi’s tenure at Nightswimming include producing last year’s unprecedented City of Wine Festival, bringing together seven full productions by seven theatre schools from across Canada to showcase Ned Dickens’ seven play cycle; three Governor General’s Award nominees among the more than twenty new works commissioned by Nightswimming; and two national tours of plays developed by Nightswimming. The company’s works have been showcased in Canada’s leading festivals, including Magnetic North Theatre Festival, Canada Dance Festival, Rhubarb! Festival, Alberta Theatre Projects’ playRites Festival and the National Arts Centre’s On the Verge.

“Naomi has raised Nightswimming’s profile nationally and internationally,” said Nightswimming Board President, Terry Raininger. “She received the 2009 Leonard McHardy and John Harvey Award for Theatre Administration and a 2005 Vital People Award from the Toronto Community Foundation in recognition of her leadership in the Toronto cultural community, and we have no doubt that she will continue to contribute deeply to the Canadian arts world.”

Nightswimming wishes Naomi every success in her future endeavours. “Naomi has been a full partner in the creation, growth and success of Nightswimming,” said Brian. “Her insight, knowledge of the Canadian theatre world, and her producing acumen will be
greatly missed.”

“It was not an easy decision to leave Nightswimming after so many years and so many excellent projects. The company has provided a through-line for my professional development and I would not be who I am if not for the work and the relationships we have made together. However, I felt that it was time for a change (if not now, then when?) and so I am embarking on a sabbatical of sorts; taking some time to look at the work I have done and to prepare for some new work ahead. While I intend to stay in the theatre, that is not a promise, as I am keen to see what possibilities arise given some time and space to consider my options. I will continue to support Nightswimming however I can, especially in the transitional time ahead, and always as a very interested party. I wish Brian and the company every possible success.”

A multi-talented artist and administrator with experience as a performer, designer and director in addition to her many years as a producer, Naomi is also Industry Series Producer and Touring Liaison for the Magnetic North Theatre Festival. She received Dora Awards for Outstanding Set Design (White Mice, Mammalian Diving Reflex) and Outstanding Production (The Doll House, DVxT Theatre Company), and has been the Festival Director for the Rhubarb! Festival at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, and Producer for DVxT Theatre, Mammalian Diving Reflex and Civilized Theatre. Nightswimming is a dramaturgical company that creates new Canadian plays, performance works and dance, but does not generally produce them itself.

Nightswimming is devoted, through the creation of new works, to advancing the field of dramaturgy – the exploration of theatrical stories and how they are told – and play development in Canada.

Announcement: Bill 65, the Not-for-Profit Corporations Act, Ontario Nonprofit Network

On May 13th, 2010 the Hon. Sophia Aggelonitis, Minister of Consumer services introduced Bill 65, the Not-for-Profit Corporations Act, 2010 to the Ontario Legislature for its First Reading.

The new act, once passed, promises to modernize legislation governing not-for-profit organizations. We are particularly pleased that it allows not-for-profit corporations to engage in commercial activities where the revenues earned are reinvested in the corporation’s not-for-profit purposes. Bill 65 promises to make it easier for not-for-profit corporations to successfully operate and do business in today’s economy.

Bill 65 is the culmination of extensive work and consultations that have taken place between the government and nonprofit organizations across Ontario since 2008.  The input into this legislation laid the foundation for the creation of the Ontario Nonprofit Network and the strengthening of the relationship with government. The “Partnership Project” led by the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration and the Ontario Trillium Foundation will further strengthen the ability of the sector to work together with the government.

Bill 65 is a landmark piece of legislation. To ensure its success the Ontario Nonprofit Network is reconvening the Expert Reference Group that originally briefed the sector on this legislation. This group and others will be coming together again to do a detailed review of the legislation and will provide briefings to the sector and participate in the legislative committee hearings as Bill 65 moves its way through the legislative process.

On May 17, 2010 Bill 65 moved to Second Reading in the House of Commons for debate among the political parties.

If you would like to be involved with the Expert Reference Group please contact Janice Wiggins at:


Announcement: New Producer/General Manager, Nightwood Theatre

Nightwood Theatre is proud to announce the appointment of a new Producer/General Manager, Denyse Karn.  She replaces Monica Esteves, who is moving to Crow’s Theatre as their Managing Director. Currently, Associate Artistic Producer of Nightwood Theatre (courtesy of the George Cedric Metcalf Foundation), Ms. Karn will step into her new role at Nightwood at end of July 2010.

Denyse Karn has been working in the Canadian theatre for over 25 years as a producer and designer. Her history with Nightwood Theatre goes back to the 1980’s when she designed the original production of Good Night Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet. She is Artistic Producer/General Manager of In Good Company Theatre, who toured the award-winning play God’s Middle Name to the Magnetic North Theatre Festival and across the country. Denyse was the Associate Producer at Eastern Front Theatre as well as Producer and Programmer of their SuperNova Theatre Festival. Her experience with touring and festival planning resulted in being asked to be on the national board of the Magnetic North Theatre Festival, where she is Chair of the Industry Relations Committee. Also worth noting is her work as an entrepreneur. In 1991, Denyse started Bravado Designs, a breastfeeding and maternity lingerie manufacturing company with international wholesale distribution, and successfully built the business to 1.8 million in sales in just 6 years. She is a recipient of a Chalmers, Dora Mavor Moore and five Theatre Nova Scotia Merritt Awards and was nominated for the Siminovitch Award in Theatre in 2006. As a producer, In Good Company received a Theatre Nova Scotia Merritt Award for Outstanding Production in 2008 and was a finalist for two years running for the Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia Masterworks Arts Award in 2008 and 2009.

Commenting on the appointment, Nightwood Theatre Acting Board Chair Karon Bales said, “Denyse is a bright and passionate individual. She brings with her a deep love for the theatre, solid experience as a producer, a lively entrepreneurial spirit matched by strong financial management. We are thrilled to have her join the Nightwood team.”

Artistic Director, Kelly Thornton said, “I salute Monica Esteves for her immense contribution to Nightwood Theatre and wish her all the best with Crow’s. I’m delighted to welcome Denyse into her new position with the company. She is creative, smart and fearless with a deep commitment to Nightwood’s mandate. It’s truly an exciting time ahead. ”

In accepting her appointment to the role of Producer/General Manager of Nightwood Theatre, Ms. Karn said, “I have to thank Nightwood for giving me the incredible opportunity this past year and preparing me to take on a leadership role in the national community of women in the arts. The legacy that Nightwood has created in the past 30 years is powerful. I am excited to work with Kelly Thornton to build on this rich history and bolster the company into the future.”

Announcement: Festival Voices Plays Written by Students and Teachers for the Sears Ontario Drama Festival edited by Wayne Fairhead and Jane Gardner, Playwrights Canada Press

978-0-88754-910-6 € $25.00

Since its inception, students and teachers from across Ontario have been writing new, original plays to showcase their talents at the Sears Ontario Drama Festival, the province’s largest and most prestigious student theatre festival. Festival Voices is a collection of eight plays that premiered at the Sears Festival from the past ten years. Written by Ontario teachers and students, these plays explore coming of age, intolerance, and personal traumas, both past and present.

This title is a must-have for high-school drama teachers looking for creative and innovative works, as well as for students who are looking to explore their artistic depths. Festival Voices emphasizes the budding talent of Ontario¹s youth. All profits from the sale of the book will be donated to the Ken and Ann Watts Memorial Scholarship Foundation to help offset the cost of post-secondary education for exceptionally talented students entering a performing arts college or university of their choice.

Jane Gardner is the general manager of Carousel Players, a TYA touring company located in St. Catharines, Ontario. She previously managed the Blyth Festival and the Great Canadian Theatre Company, and is a former executive director of Theatre Ontario.

Wayne Fairhead was a teacher for thirty-eight years, teaching and advising at all levels. He has been the executive director of the Sears Ontario Drama Festival since 1991 and was the consulting director of educational services for the Lorraine Kimsa Theatre for Young People in Toronto from 2006 to 2007.

For more information please contact:
Melissa Anthony

Announcement: Theatre Books and Plays for Sale, Roxanne Reads New & Used Books

Roxanne Reads New & Used Books located at 750A Queen Street East is closing.  We have a great selection and deals on plays and theatre books.  We are open:

  • Wednesday May 19   11 – 6 pm
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  • Friday May 21             12 – 8 pm
  • Saturday May 22        12 – 7 pm
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  • Monday May 24          12 – 5 pm
  • Tuesday May 25         11 – 8 pm

1 – 5 books at 50% off, 6th book + at 75% off or visit our downstairs and fill a small bag of plays for $5.00 or a larger bag for $15.00

Roxanne Reads New and Used Books
750A Queen Street East
Toronto, ON  M4M 1H4