Call for Submissions: OAC Creators’ Reserve, b current

Notice to Playwrights & Theatre Creators: Submissions Now Open for OAC Creators’ Reserve

b current is one of the companies participating in the Theatre Creators’ Reserve Program at the Ontario Arts Council. The program assists Ontario-based professional individual creators, and informal collectives of creators, by funding them to create work. This third party assistance program allows our company to recommend outright grants to artists; while the final decisions and disbursement of grant funds are made by the OAC Theatre Office.

b current is inviting submissions to the Theatre Creators’ Reserve Program for the 2010 – 2011 season. Available grant funds range from $1000 to $5000 per application, and we generally consider and recommend between the $1000 minimum and a $3500 maximum. Writers/creators looking to, or in the process of generating playscripts or developing production ideas can submit proposals between September 10 & November 30/2010. All recommendations will be made by February 1st, 2011.

About the company:

b current is a not-for-profit arts company, which presents and supports performance works from the Canadian and international Black Diasporic Communities. Our Toronto-based company focuses on nurturing growth in emerging artists, developing and presenting artistic activities for young peoples, and contribute significantly to the breadth of Black arts traditions which feed our communities.

Please note that our focus with the Theatre Creators’ Reserve Program is developing performance ideas which bring a fresh & exciting perspective, either through form, structure, or content!  And the company is especially supportive of young & emerging artists, and creators who are new to developing works for theatre or professional performance.  As well, b current will likely recommend creators whose work ideas and process support our company’s artistic mandate.

When applying to b current for funding through the Theatre Creators’ Reserve Program please include:

  • 3 copies of the completed application form, available from the OAC website
  • a cover letter as introduction to your request
  • a script excerpt &/or a detailed script idea
  • background material on the creator(s): bios, promo, etc.
  • information on the other artists involved in the creation of the piece
  • any projections for development of the piece; including budget needs
  • a SASE if you want the application material returned to you

Completed applications/proposals should be delivered or mailed by November 30, 2010.

to: Creator’s Reserve Fund
c/o Submissions at b current
Artscape Wychwood Barns #3
601 Christie Street, Studio 251
Toronto, ON, M6G 4C7

To check your eligibility, Council guidelines, or get more info/contacts and application forms please go to the OAC website: or write/call

Ontario Arts Council
Theatre Office
151 Bloor Street W, 5th Floor
Toronto ON M5S 1T6

For more background on b current visit our site: or email