Call for Submissions: Fringe Research Chair, The Toronto Fringe

Designed to support research projects that advance the interests of independent artists, the Fringe Research Chair will manage a six month long investigation proposed by creators from across Ontario. The funding includes support for eligible research costs ($500 value) as well as a $1500 honorarium for the artist(s) involved.

Proposals should seek to explore major issues facing our community (e.g. audience growth, diversity, funding models) through the specific filter proposed by the applicant and must have a minimum of two public components as part of their process (workshops, open meetings, consultations, etc). This funding does not support the creation of new work, the development of a play or specific creative project, or the professional development of any artist, but rather will support an open investigation into “big ideas” that would shape the larger artistic community. On completion, findings will be published and distributed widely.

Interested parties should contact The Toronto Fringe at 416-966-1062 prior to applying.

Application check list:

  • a one page letter which details:
  • 1) what you want to investigate…
  • 2) why you want to investigate it…
  • 3) how you plan on investigating it…
  • a preliminary budget for research costs (the Fringe will cover up to $500)
  • CV/Resume/Bio of key researcher(s)
  • Phone number and email address of applicant(s)

Please send to by 5:00pm on December 30th, 2010.