Call for Submissions: Youth Questionnaire, Theatre Ontario

Theatre Ontario is interested in getting young people involved in creating a youth theatre intensive. Please pass the following questionnaire on to any youth involved in your theatre initiatives as well as any other interested parties.

Theatre Ontario is looking to create a one week residential theatre training program where participants will audition for acceptance and then live on a university campus for a week while being taught by Canada’s top theatre instructors. The program will be for high school students only who are serious about becoming professional theatre artists. The ideal program will be free of charge, however it may have a small registration fee.

Youth: We’d love to hear what your dream theatre intensive would be – please help us by taking a few minutes to answer the following questions and email them back to

Please answer the following questions, in as much depth as you like:

  1. How far would you be willing to travel (driving, train, bus) in Ontario to attend this course: – if you live in Toronto? – if you live outside of Toronto?
  2. How much money would you pay to attend this course, if anything? (Do note: subsidies will be available for those unable to pay the full cost; we want this program to be free or at a very small cost for you)
  3. When is the best time of year for you to take this course? March Break? Summer? Christmas Break? Last week of June before your summer starts? Other?
  4. What types of theatre workshops or master-classes would you be interested in taking?
  5. Are there any top Canadian artists that you would like to see as your instructors?

Thank you for your input. We hope to create a program based on what you want, so look out for it in the near future!