Event: Stop the Cuts Rally and Flashmob,

Sept 26th 2011
5:30pm City Hall

As we know, in a very short tenure, Mayor Ford’s Administration has taken Toronto from a financial surplus to a deficit position; has locked out city workers in several departments; has scrapped transit city and has proposed far-reaching core service cuts that will devastate many individuals and families across the City – among other things. (Don’t even get me started on the Waterfront Monorail Ferris Wheel Shopping Mall fiasco – seriously.).

This is no gravy train, we’re talking about – it’s living wages and necessary core services. Before Mr. Ford dismantles any more of what makes Toronto a fair and good city, it is critical that we get out there – faces and feet – on the square to tell City Council to STOP THE CUTS NOW!  We have won victories in the past – Mike Harris’ vision for Ontario was similar – and mass mobilizations were able to contain the damage and push his agenda off the rails… WE CAN DO IT AGAIN!!!

Some friends and I have created a special music video to promote the event – please help spread the word by sharing the link with all your contacts to get the word out and get people to the event!

And please join us for the Flashmob – the dance is easy to learn and short – only about a minute or so long…