Call for Submissions: Emerging and Established Artists & Art Facilitators, b current Performing Arts

 rock.paper.sistahz Festival #11
May 1-12, 2012

 Call for proposals from Emerging and Established Artists & Art Facilitators

           Deadline: November 25, 2011

The festival which first highlighted the work of Black Women Artists in 2002 is back for #11.

The rock.paper.sistahz festival is a hand-picked and fully curated teaming of quality, diversity, and raw energy. We welcome submission/proposals for performances and other art ideas for and beyond the theatre stage; including: poetry & spokenword, dance, music, film/video screenings, visual art installations, storytelling, standup, etc.

Emerging and established Artists & Art Facilitators are invited to submit to this season’s festival which is themed: Old meets New meets Here&Now! With a special focus on presenting and hosting local, national, and international artists’ work in different languages other than English. The vision: to attract and engage communities/audiences of different cultures, especially by supporting immigrant/refugee artists. Events may include unique subtitling & interpretations!

Our festival venues include theatre spaces, rehearsal studios, the outdoor park and covered street at Artscape Wychwood Barns complex, and anywhere else you can think of!

The festival provides artists with these resources:

  • artists fees or participation honoraria
  • presentation venue
  • promotion, technical & creative support
  • travel expenses/per diem support for out-of-town participants

To plunge into a seriously creative game of rock.paper.sistahz please submit:

a)    A brief cover letter saying who you are, and how/why you want to participate in the festival

b)    A bio and any press or published material on you and your work [max: 5 pages]

c)    A short write-up or proposal, which must include script or synopsis & description of the project/idea you would like to explore and/or present [max: 5 pages]

d)    Any other support material (max: 2 pieces): short audio/video clips, website link, samples, etc.

e)    Full contact information including email address & a self-addressed stamped envelope for return of material(s) if you require such.

Drop off or post-date your mailed submission by November 25, 2011:

rock.paper.sistahz Festival #11
b current
Performing Arts
Artscape Wychwood Barns
601 Christie Street, Studio 251

Toronto, Ontario, M6G 4C7

Responses and/or notification of acceptance into the festival will go out in January 2012!

If you have specific questions about your proposal or the festival, please forward a detailed message to For more information visit , and be certain to keep a copy of all materials & ideas you submit.