Auditions: Ajax, Ajax The Play

Ajax (por nobody) at the 2012 SummerWorks Festival written by Alice Tuan, directed by Zack Russell

Canada’s largest juried theatre festival will host the Canadian premiere of Alice Tuan’s critically acclaimed Ajax (por nobody)

Four people get together for a night of booze and sex, but the party quickly turns destructive in this modern take on tragedy. Part comedy, part biting social commentary, Tuan’s “unstageable” play will be given its first full-scale production at the 2012 SummerWorks Festival. The title (Ajax) refers to both the Greek hero and the household cleaner. To quote the NY Times review: “The emptiness, abuse and manipulation of these people form a terrible picture of modern hedonism – few of us will be alone if we suspect it is, in part, a portrait of us.”

Rehearsals begin mid-July, performances August 9-19.

  • ALEXANDER-male, mid to late 30s, offbeat mix of classic Greek hero and repressed loner, poetic, sensitive, quick to anger – roommate/mentor to JESSE.
  • ALMA-female, mid 30s – early 40s, modern-day Penelope, fun-loving, soulful, self-assured, jaded, friend/mentor to ANNETTE.
  • JESSE-male, early to late 20s, charismatic, attractive, cocky, but immature beneath the surface
  • ANNETTE-female, early to late 20s, boy-crazy, insecure, self-involved, oblivious

To apply, email headshot and resume to:

Auditions May 2 – May 5 by appointment only. Selected candidates will be asked to prepare sides from the play.

To find out more about the play/playwright/director go to:

If you have any questions / to contact us, email

Note: Equity members cast in this production will be engaged under the Festival Policy application.