Job Posting: Set and Costume Design – Scénographie Program Director, National Theatre School of Canada

Established in Montreal in 1960, the National Theatre School of Canada (NTS) is a co-lingual institution that offers professional training in English and French. It is a not-for-profit registered charity funded by the Government of Canada as well as by provincial governments. The NTS also generates its own revenue and private donations are sought for additional funding.

The NTS has established itself over the past five decades as a centre of excellence in the field of theatre training. It has earned this reputation through pedagogical practices that are constantly questioned, re-evaluated and adjusted, equally divided between tradition and modernity, transmission and creation.

This adaptability is the School’s greatest asset. In no way accidental, it stems from a determination to look far ahead, to set a high value on creation and discovery, and to keep pace with the latest developments and transformations in theatre arts and society alike. While offering its students first-rate training and services, the School’s team attempts to anticipate the direction of theatre and other artistic and cultural practices, formulating a vision that is both up-to-date and inspirational.

Committed to the training of actors, designers, playwrights, directors and production specialists, the NTS prepares its students to meet the artistic, cultural, and technological challenges of a successful profession in Theatre and more broadly in the Performing Arts.

The NTS is more determined than ever to increase synergies between its French and English sections, for they lie at the heart of its unique pedagogical and organizational model.

Set and Costume Design – Scénographie is the only bilingual program offered at the NTS. Students enrolled in the program benefit from the opportunity of honing their skills in a unique environment where they learn and work together. Students are not required to be bilingual. However, a basic understanding of both official languages will enable students to fully benefit from their training at the School.

The incumbent is responsible for the overall artistic and pedagogical orientation, coherence and well-functioning of the Set and Costume Design – Scénographie program. More specifically, he/she defines the content, determines the activities and selects the students and faculty of the Program.

Reporting Relationships
Reporting to the Artistic Directors of the English and French Section, the incumbent works collaboratively with all program directors, but more particularly when the Set and Costume Design-Scénographie program is involved in the planning, design, creation and production of public performances.

He/She is a member the Coordination Committee and fully participates in the pedagogical meetings of the 2 Sections.

Description of Responsibilities
The Director of the Set and Costume Design-Scénographie program

  • Is responsible for the overall internal coherence of the program and for its capacity to respond to the artistic and pedagogical needs of the 2 Sections of the School
  • Sets the content (curriculum), the schedules (time tables) and all the organizational aspects of the program taking into account its constant interactions with all the other training programs of the two sections;
  • Selects the teachers, lecturers and coaches for the program;
  • Is responsible for the selection of the students (4 Francophone, 4 Anglophone every year) and for the evaluation of each student’s progress according to the School’s evaluation policy;
  • Actively participates in the training of the Design students through selected courses and active mentoring for the students who are part of the design team for public performances or specific projects:
    1. Promotes pedagogical and artistic exchanges and conversations relating to set & costume design so that all participants involved (other directors and students from other programs) feel concerned;
    2. Can accept other professional engagements during the school year on the condition that these engagements are not in conflict with the overall sound functioning of the program. He/She must, in each case, review with and get approval from the CEO and the Artistic Directors prior to accepting other engagements;
    3. Assumes all additional tasks related to this position

The successful candidate will be a well-respected bilingual professional theatre designer with national and/or international exposure who is committed to and experienced in transmitting knowledge to students while at the same time fostering in them the development of their own artistic voice. The candidate must nurture a strong work ethic and be able to articulate and support a vision for the Program – both philosophically and practically – a vision that will be informed by the NTS Strategic Plan (The Future Intersects with the Present).

The successful candidate will have a career path that demonstrates:

  • A deep knowledge and understanding of theatre practice across Canada and on international stage
  • A direct and personal access to a network of significant and influential set and costumes designers in Canada and abroad
  • A mastery of the various scenographic languages and an advanced understanding on the impact of technology on the creative process and on the scenic outcome
  • Exceptional abilities in internal and external communications both in French and English
  • Team leadership and organizational management

This is a full time position, based in Montreal, demanding full availability between August 15 and June 15. This is a four-year renewable contract position. Ideally, the successful candidate will be in place by April 2014.

Recruitment process
Please send a detailed letter of intent with your résumé before February 1, 2014 to Monique Néron at or by mail, marked CONFIDENTIAL.