Workshop: Building Self-Esteem and Confidence Toolbox, Artist Health Alliance

Free Workshop:
Saturday, November 30th
10:00am – 4:00pm
Artists’ Health Centre, Toronto Western Hospital

Co-Facilitated by Ruth Bittorf, Nurse Practitioner, and Dr. Anita Shack, chiropractor

This workshop is the first one to be offered as a part of a research project. The research is designed to examine the ongoing effectiveness of, and participants’ use of the tools presented at the workshop. Future publication of the results is projected to be available in 2016.

This interactive workshop has been specifically designed for professional performing and creative artists, and for students and teachers at post-secondary arts institutions. If you are unsure whether you would qualify as a professional artist, please call the Artists’ Health Centre, Toronto Western Hospital) at 416-603-5263.

The workshop will address the importance of maintaining a healthy self-esteem, discuss self-esteem development, and provide tools that will facilitate building and maintaining a healthy self-esteem. Participants will explore exercises to help define, develop and maintain a healthy self-image especially as it relates to their ability to perform and create.

Factors contributing to the artists’ perception of self-worth will be considered, with emphasis on the following topics:

  • examining core beliefs
  • quieting the inner critic
  • tools to shift attitudes and perceptions

All those who participate will be protected by confidentiality agreements, and no identifying information will be included, nor will the facilitators know who has chosen to participate.
For those agreeing to participate in the project, the usual fee of $40.00 will be waived and covered by the Artist Health Alliance. There will be remuneration provided at each visit for those returning for the requested follow-up visits at 2, 6, and 12 months after the workshop.

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