Call for Submissions: Theatre Creator’s Reserve, Theatre Gargantua

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Theatre Gargantua is a proud recommender for the OAC’s Theatre Creator’s Reserve Program.

This program provides funding for individuals or informal collectives based in Ontario to ‘buy time’ to develop a project.

Theatre Gargantua is proud to support the development of original Canadian work and of Ontario’s artists. Priority will be given to projects which integrate multiple art forms in a theatrical context, and/or which are adventurous in integrating artists working in new or emerging disciplines and projects that push the boundaries of what theatre can be.
Individuals and Collectives may apply for $1,000 – $5,000.

For full Eligibility Details please see the OAC’s Theatre Creator’s Reserve Guidelines

Application Guidelines
Please provide:

  • A brief descriptive outline of the proposed project that indicates the focus and intent of the work and its multidisciplinary components; 1page max
  • An outline of the anticipated development process; 1/2 page max.
  • An outline of how the requested funding would be used; 1/2 page max.
  • A list of project participants with a summary of each individual’s prior experience and/or training
  • OAC form available from the OAC Theatre Creator’s Reserve page.
  • SASE for any material the artist wishes to be returned.

Optional support material:
For example:

  • Writing samples (10 pages maximum)
  • Visual images (up to 6)
  • Sound recordings, and/or new media samples (combined total of 5 minutes or less)
  • as well as reviews or press clippings (up to 3)
  • letters of recommendation (up to 2).

Submissions can be mailed or dropped off in person by 5pm on Jan 6, 2014 to:

  • 55 Sudbury St, Toronto, ON, M6J 3S7

All applications will be reviewed after the submission deadline.