Event: Public Reading of Cruise Control by Erika Ritter, Tarragon Theatre

CRUISE CONTROL by Erika Ritter
directed by Marti Maraden
featuring Chris Earle, Sam Earle, Sheila McCarthy, Nora McLellan, Jeff Meadows

Growing ever older in a young person’s business, female comic Charlie Fischer repeatedly tries and fails to kick the stand-up comedy habit.  Finally, at age sixty, resting up between sets at a suburban comedy club, Charlie faces what it truly means to remain hooked on turning real-life disappointment into comedic gold—especially when going for gold inevitably involves spiting herself and those who care about her.

Date:  Saturday, December 14 at 8 pm
Location:  Near Studio, Tarragon Theatre
Free admission:  No reservations necessary. Arrive early to claim your seat!