Call for Submissions: East Coast Tour, Otesha

Applications are open for a learning opportunity of a lifetime!

The Otesha Project is looking for 12 ambitious volunteers eager to deepen their knowledge of environmental and social issues, to gain skills in public engagement and alternative education, and to empower themselves through pedal-powered transportation. Volunteers spend two months living with a group of changemakers as a mobile sustainable community, facilitating workshops, putting on plays and speaking to community members along the East Coast. Your experience will start in Fredericton on May 3rd, with a 9 day training in bicycle skills, interactive theatre, community engagement, and facilitation techniques which will prepare your team to spark dialogue with thousands of students using Otesha’s “Cycling Through Change” play and “Action Addict” workshop. Otesha is looking for ambitious adventurers, people who like to be challenged. No previous cycle touring experience necessary!

Otesha’s East Coast Tour
Riding the Tides of Change
Fredricton to Halifax
May 3 – June 24 2014
Performing and Cycling Tour
Tour Member Age Range: 18-30ish

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