Audition: And Now, The End – A New Canadian Musical, Zach Parkhurst, Drew O’Hara, Emily Nixon, Jake Vanderham, and Vicky Houser


Written by Zach Parkhurst, Drew O’Hara, Emily Nixon, Jake Vanderham, and Vicky Houser.

Music and Lyrics by Jake Vanderham.
Directed by Esther Jun.

Audition Dates:

  • February 1-7:30-10:30PM
  • February 2-10AM-5:30PM
  • February 3-10AM-1PM
  • Callbacks February 9-10AM-5:30PM

Submission deadline-January 24-No late submissions will be accepted.

Submit headshot and resume to to be scheduled for an audition slot.Successful applicants will be asked to prepare a contemporary monologue (no longer than one minute) and a song from the musical theatre repertoire*. Applicants should indicate which role(s) they would like to be considered for. Applicants should specify any times within the hours listed above that they are unavailable.Applicants MUST be available for callbacks.

*Song may be sung acapella-no accompanist will be provided, but there will be a piano, so auditioners may bring their own accompanist if they wish.

Synopsis: And Now, The End is a new Canadian musical that asks the question “what will you do with the time you have left?” and follows four streams of characters one month, one week, and hours before a catastrophic asteroid collides with Earth, thus ending it.

Casting Breakdown for And Now, The End.

  • DOCTOR – 30-50’s any ethnicity, G3-G5. A hardened, reclusive doctor who has been euthanizing people upon request for the past few months. Pessimistic and practical, his world transforms when he decides finally to let someone in.
  • PATIENT ONE – late 20’s to 50’s. non-singing role, any ethnicity. A patient that comes in to get euthanized by the doctor, he is afraid of the potential pain and what might come after death.
  • DAN- male, early 20s, any ethnicity, G3-G5. Disc jockey and host of “Still Here With Dan and Scott” on 66.7 KPTW. He’s the “goofy” one of the duo. Best friends with Scott. Despite the harsh realities occurring around him, he refuses to believe the world will actually end.
  • SCOTT – male, early 20s, any ethnicity, G3-G5. Radio Host and Disc Jockey. He’s the “straight man.” Best friends with Dan. He’s the more responsible and professional of the two, though can still tell a good joke. Both Dan and Scott are driven by the passion of achieving their lifelong dreams at the end of the world.
  • INEZ – female, early 20’s, any ethnicity, A3-G4 belt. Inez is a young woman, abandoned by her husband and pregnant at the end of the world. She is optimistic, intuitive, full of love, passion, and hope.
  • CLARE – female, 16, any ethnicity, A3-G5. A high school student, Clare is Johnny’s best friend, and the two have known each other most of their lives. Smart, funny, kindhearted, but shy and afraid of the changing world around her. Johnny is the only one with whom she feels she can be herself. Her fear of losing him, plus tragic past trauma, brings her to the brink near the end…
  • JOHNNY – male, 16, any ethnicity, G3-G5. Johnny is Clare’s best friend, and the two have known each other most of their lives. Teasing, carefree and a bit of a wild child. The end of the world has inspired Johnny to want to experience as much of life as he can, despite the consequences that his decisions inflict upon his friendship with Clare.
  • CATHY – female, 38, any ethnicity, A3-A5. Cathy, married to a famous astronaut, is living alone in the house she and her husband shared before he failed to return from his last mission. Cathy waits and hopes for his return before the impact of Asteroid AXS667. When Frances turns up, he begins to fill the void for Cathy, so much so that her hopes, dreams, and reality begin to blur.
  • FRANCiS – male, 34, any ethnicity, G3-E4 (possible non-singing or chorus role). Francis breaks into what he thinks is an empty house only to find it inhabited by Cathy. Romance blossoms when they find common ground in their problems and feelings about the world as it is. Francis is so in love with Cathy that he willfully enables her delirium.

Rehearsals begin Feb 24th-March 26th.

The show is part of the Ryerson New Voices Festival which runs from March 26-April 9th.