Workshop: Organic Behaviour and Intentional Action: The Practice of the Performer, Cara Spooner

Masterclass: February 18th – 20th (10am-5pm)
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During this three-day intensive masterclass, we will explore fundamental elements of the actor’s craft such as organicity, relation, contact, impulse, intention, action and reaction, the relation between process and form, and strive towards an understanding of the difference between movement and action. Under the direction of Mario Biagini, participants will work on “songs of tradition” and on elements of the physical training developed at the Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards over the past twenty-seven years. This masterclass will allow participants to approach the basic aspects of practical research at the Workcenter, and to discover their own individual and unique approach to creation.

The class will be based on the basic but complex constitutive elements of the actor’s craft:

  • Relation: precision / organicity.
  • Relation: tradition / individual work.
  • Relation: ritual / drama.
  • Composed movement and rhythm.
  • Singing.
  • Vibration of the voice.
  • Body resonators and spatial resonance
  • Awareness of space and reacting to its constituent elements.
  • Improvisation: the impulses / the vigilant mind.
  • Improvisation within a structure.
  • Search for a precise line and logic of impulses and physical actions: the score.

Jerzy Grotowski (1933-1999), one of the most influential theatre directors of the 20th century, challenged and revolutionized many aspects of the work of theatre actors and directors. His influence ranges from actor training, to the utilization of texts, to the use of space as a dramaturgical device, and beyond.

In 1986 Grotowski founded his Workcenter in Pontedera, Italy, arriving from the United States with a small team of assistants, among whom was Thomas Richards, who was to become Grotowski’s “essential collaborator” and who presently serves as Artistic Director of the Workcenter. Mario Biagini joined the Workcenter in the summer of 1986 and is now the Associate Director, as well as the coordinator of the Open Program. Together with the Focused Research Team led by Richards, the Open Program led by Biagini is one of the two teams currently comprising the Workcenter. Mario Biagini worked closely with Grotowski during the latter’s last 12 years of life, from August 1986 to January 1999.

All masterclasses will run during the second week of the residency: February 18th -20th.

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