Workshop: Two Shakespearean Acting Workshops, Shakespeare in the Ruff

A rare five-day intensive diving deep into the rich text of Shakespeare.  Take your acting all the way from text analysis into performance with two of Canada’s foremost actors and classical text experts – Diane D’Aquila & Jeffrey Wetsch.

And, for performers already familiar with Shakespeare, a two-day workshop to explore the character’s arc through their play by working on three of their speeches with Diane D’Aquila, for a deeper connection to your audition pieces.

Shakespeare is recognized as the world’s greatest playwright, crafting stories so powerful and close to the human core that they have lasted over 400 years. As actors we have the exhilarating but daunting task to harness his epic characters and vast emotion and make them uniquely our own. To do this one needs the clarity and ease to make his language second nature.

Five-Day Shakespearean Acting Masterclass with Diane D’Aquila and Jeffrey Wetsch:
Hone your use of Shakespeare’s heightened language (punctuation, scansion, verse, and rhetoric) and incorporate them seamlessly into your performance in an immersive five-day bath. Using the first folio, sonnets, soliloquies and more, unleash the passion in Shakespeare’s language and raise your acting to a new level.

  • February 24th – February 28th, 2014, 10am – 5pm
  • $450 – 20% discount ($360) for Equity members and Guerrilla Ruffians.
  • Limited space available! These spots are already going fast.

Two-Day Shakespearean Character Arc Monologue Workshop* with Diane D’Aquila:
Participants will need to prepare three monologues from the same character to examine that character’s arc through their play for a deeper connection to their pieces, loading them for use in future auditions.  This workshop is geared toward more experienced professional actors.

  • March 1st – March 2nd, 2014, 10am – 6pm
  • $300 – 20% discount ($240) for Equity members and Guerrilla Ruffians.
  • Even fewer spaces available!!
  • *Experienced Theatre Professionals Only.

Shakespearean Workshop Combo*
Both workshops (7 days in a row!)

  • $650– 20% discount ($520) for Equity members and Guerrilla Ruffians.
  • *Experienced Theatre Professionals Only.

A rare chance to work with two of Canada’s best Shakespearean actors!  Diane D’Aquila is a multi award-winning actor and has performed across Canada and internationally.  Spending 15 years starring in productions at the Stratford Festival, she is one of the country’s experts on performing Shakespeare.  She regularly appears at the NAC, Soulpepper, Chicago Shakespeare Festival, and appeared in acclaimed TV show Slings and Arrows for two seasons.  She teaches Shakespeare studies at her alma mater, the National Theatre School of Canada.  Jeffrey Wetsch is a veteran of TV and theatre.  A classically trained actor who has performed in 6 seasons at Stratford, and many other theatres in Canada, Jeffrey is Co-AD of Shakespeare Link while helping create Signing the Bard RnJ.  In the last 10 years and more, he has turned his skills to explore actor training in Canadian and American universities, as well as masterclasses along the way, while continuing to work professionally.

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