Job Posting: Stage Manager, Naught, A Theatre Company

Naught, A Theatre Company is looking for a Stage Manager for a new production of August Strindberg’s Easter, directed by William Rasitsan-Powell.


  • The Box, 89 Niagara St, Toronto

Show Dates:

  • Friday, April 25th through Saturday, May 3rd
  • Load-in Tuesday, April 22nd



  • 6 (3 Male, 3 Female)


  • Thursdays 6pm-10pm, Sundays 12pm-4pm

Set in August Strindberg’s turn of the century Sweden, Easter is a play about fall and rebirth, about Winter turning into Spring. It is the tale of the Heyst family, which has fallen into disgrace due to the criminal activity of the patriarch. In a small town where everybody knows each other, the Heysts are ostracized. Mrs. Heyst faces cold looks and words at church, the eldest son Elis is hated at work for his father’s wrongs, and the youngest daughter, Elearnora, has been in a mental ward for the past year. But just when it seems that everything is at a breaking point, a ray of light shines through.

The Company:
Naught, A Theatre Company is a new company, dedicated to producing work that reaches into the human consciousness to find out what we are capable of. We are determined to use the theatre to its fullest potential, and are on a journey to find out what exactly that means, and how we can get there. We are looking for artists who are interested in coming on this journey with us.

The show is a profit-share.

Send all inquiries to