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Sears & Switzer is perhaps the best known acting school or actors studio in Toronto, based on the work of Theresa Sears and David Switzer. We work with some of the best, busiest and most interesting professional actors in Canada. Whether you want to study acting for film or acting skills suited for stage or screen, becoming a more accomplished performing artist will make a difference to your career and to the way you live.

Breakthrough to Better Auditions…
Auditioning is a skill and like any skill it can be learned… The actors who audition best usually win the part and they are not always the “best” performers. You will get better at auditioning with well-targeted coaching. We know we can help… try one of our weekend immersion audition classes. Break Through to Better Auditions, the TV Commercial Weekend workshop and our Voice-Over workshop all focus on auditions. They’re all scheduled in the next two months. [And click the INFO button here for more useful tips, plus some great insights from leading casting directors and agents…] INFO

March-April 2014 Workshops:
“Acting classes that work, for actors who want to work…”
Our March-April workshops are selling quickly but we still have openings in the classes listed below. Please reserve your class by calling 416-5164612 or by We usually want to chat with you to make sure that the class you choose is right for your experience level so leave a phone number. We always sell-out; it’s wise to reserve your workshop right away. DEADLINE to pay and confirm your workshop is 2 weeks before the first session but reserve as soon as you can… CLASS LISTINGS

In this Audition Skills weekend class you will discover what they are REALLY looking for and learn specific steps that will dramatically improve your auditions. Explore your strengths and weaknesses in the art of the audition… and how to get your auditioning back on track. This is the workshop for people who want to improve their cold-reading skill and audition techniques for film, theatre and TV series roles. We put a lot of emphasis on how to prepare and then how to win! Always a great refresher even if you’ve already done this class. SAT/SUN 10:00-5:00 March 1-2* [*Hurry and reserve today… ALMOST SOLD-OUT .] $295.00 FIND OUT MORE

Discover the actor inside you in this fun high-energy class. This basic skills class is a great class for beginners, or for people who haven’t acted for a while and who may be feeling rusty. We recommend this class for actors with some real-world experience like student film, music, modeling, background, or community theatre, but no formal actor training. THURSDAY NIGHTS 7:30-10:00 PM, March 27-April 17 $225.00 FIND OUT MORE

This class will make a huge difference in how you audition for TV Commercial work. Any performer who is in that market should do this class. We take you through every type of test audition and give specific, highly targeted exercises to improve your commercial hit rate. It is also a very effective on-camera technique class. Always a great refresher even if you’ve already done this class. SAT/SUN 10:00-5:00 April 26-27 $295.00 FIND OUT MORE

This is our core workshop for intermediate actors aiming at film and television work. It’s the place for actors to make the transition from actor-training or theatre experience into the working world of film in the Canadian industry. Also, it’s for more experienced performers to get to know us and our very powerful on-camera approach. You can be confident that you will cover the basics and then go beyond. Each actor gets a variety of on-camera scenes recorded on DVD. TUESDAY MARCH 28-APRIL 29 open-studio rehearsal 6:30-7:30, class 7:30-10:30 pm $395.00 FIND OUT MORE

Make stronger choices! Push your work to new levels. This class features fresh ways to wake up a tired performance, and shoot challenging scenes with other good performers. [*This class is only for actors who completed Focus on Film 1 or for experienced performers who want to continue in an on-going workshop] WEDNESDAY NIGHTS March 26-April 30, open-studio rehearsal 6:30-7:30, class 7:30-10:30 pm $395.00 FIND OUT MORE

Do you have a good or unusual or well-trained voice? Do you want to develop a more exciting voice? This workshop will help you find out how to apply it to the Canadian voice industry. We go over winning approaches to radio, TV voice-over and animation work, from the audition to the studio session. This workshop is also a highly efficient way for actors to focus on voice and develop fresh ways to make an impact. Sat/Sun April 5-6, 10-5 both days, $295.00 FIND OUT MORE

THE PLAY’S THE THING uses scene study as the basic training experience for actors moving beyond beginner level. It’s also a great choice for other actors who want to focus more on scene and text interpretation skills. Learn how to break down a scene more effectively. Work on a wide variety of challenging scenes by the world’s most exciting playwrights. It’s a great way to move up the experience ladder. WEDNESDAY NIGHTS, RETURNS IN OUR SPRING/SUMMER SESSION open-studio rehearsal 6:30-7:30, class 7:30-10:30 pm $395.00 FIND OUT MORE