Workshop: Alexander Technique – Four Week Series, Artists’ Health Alliance

Do you want to have better posture?  Move with ease and energy?  Maintain and improve your health?  Enhance your presentation or performance skills?

Create new habits, new possibilities. Learn how your everyday movements and posture affect your life and everything you do! The Alexander Technique is a psycho-physical educational method that helps release tension and improve coordination. Do whatever you do—better!

Explore and discover your movement and thinking patterns. The Alexander Technique Group class is an interactive experience as you move through everyday activities such as sitting, standing and walking. You will learn to recognize limiting habits and make new choices through hands on contact, verbal instruction and subtle exercises.

Facilitator: Denise Mireau
Mondays, March 3rd – 24th, 7:00 – 8:30pm
Location: Fringe Creation Lab (720 Bathurst Street, Toronto)
Fee: $100 regular admission or $80.00 for students and seniors.
Register online at or call 416-351-0239