Workshop: Upcoming Courses, Kensington Arts

Kensington Arts exists to develop craft excellence in performance media arts. We are gathering artists in acting, writing, directing, producing, design and performance to work on their craft, build community and develop new work together.  All courses take place in the Kensington Market neighbourhood.

Courses start March 8th 2014!

‘Acting for the Screen’ is an intense, process-focused workshop for actors that will cover scene breakdown, actor and cast preparation, on-camera presence, performance, and director interaction. In the 8-session workshop, participants will cover prep, monologues, dramatic scenes, and quick study with newly written material. INSTRUCTOR: Valerie Buhagiar.  Starts March 8, 2014.

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‘Getting Connected / Meisner Technique’ is a foundation practice in acting craft. Created by the renowned Sanford Meisner of the Neighbourhood Playhouse, repetition helps actors learn how to listen, how to answer, how to find your impulse, and how to follow your instincts. Meisner unlocks your emotional instrument, and teaches you how to work moment-to-moment.

INSTRUCTOR: Patrice Goodman.

Starts March 12, 2014.  For more info:

The Micro Budget Feature Screenwriting Workshop is a course intended to provide guidance, structure and craft to creating and designing a feature film that can be shot on a modest budget.

Focus will be on structure and scene craft to maximize drama, energy, momentum, character richness and depth that your actors can successfully bring to life.  INSTRUCTOR: Stuart Clarfield

Starts March 8, 2014.  For more info:

The Producers Workshop is intended to gather developing independent producers who are serious about preparing to launch their own DIY Digital productions.  We will present real world case studies of produced independent projects in feature film, web series and live events.  Our goal is to unite those  interested in gathering their community to develop, produce and release work NOW.

INSTRUCTORS: Marco Bresba & Stuart Clarfield

Start March 22, 2014. For more info:

Rock Musician 101 is designed to give the emerging performer, band or manager a high level view of the creative process and the realities of navigating the business environment. The course will explore the writing, performance and recording process, and provide an insider’s view on the business for those who want to turn their passion into a paying career.  INSTRUCTOR: Michael Kulas

Starts March 15, 2014. For more info:

Improvisation for Actors is a workshop for actors that want a process and techniques for exploring scenes, situations, characters, motivations, back-story, dialogue and narrative experimentation – using IMPROV – to have tools the next time a director says, “let’s just improv it.”  INSTRUCTOR – Nicole Stamp.

Starts March 12, 2014. For more info:

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