Event: LOT Lounge Series at Sketchfest, Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival

Join us in the Sketchfest Lounge at the Lower Ossington Theatre for a special series of public panels looking behind the scenes of the Festival’s funniest. This is your chance to grab a refreshment and get some valuable industry insight from stars of the festival and the Canadian comedy industry!

  • Wednesday, March 12th – 6:30 pm – Sketch To Script: A moderated discussion with working TV writers with sketch comedy backgrounds. They’ll tell you how they got started, reveal what tools they still draw on from their sketch days, and answer your questions. Featuring writers from shows including The Ron James Show, The Hour, MadTV, Grojband, XPM, and more!
  • Thursday, March 13th – 6:30 pm – Sketch To Screen: A moderated discussion and Q&A with sketch comedians who have successfully built careers on screen. Featuring performers from Mr. D, Satisfaction, InnerSpace, and more!
  • Friday, March 14th – 6:30 pm – Sketch To Someplace Else: We’ll talk to sketch artists from other cities, and find out how the live sketch scene works  for them. Featuring some of Sketchfest’s out of town performers, and more!
  • Saturday, March 15th – 6:30 pm – Sketch To… Producing and Promotion: One of the most important skills for a sketch comedy performer s getting people out to your shows ! We’ll talk to promoters, publicists, and journalists, who’ll share insights on how to get butts in your seats!

The Lounge Series is open to performers and the public, and admission is FREE. For information about the Lounge Series and how to participate, email Professional Development Manager Ian MacIntyre (ian@torontosketchfest.com).