Audition: The Common Ground (Musical Theatre), Phenomenon Theatrix

Production Title:                 The Common Ground
Union/Non-Union:              Non-Union
Production Type:                Independent
Length of Musical:              60 minutes
Production Location:         Toronto, ON (The Toronto Fringe 2014)
Production Company:        Phenomenon Theatrix
Director:                                Ken McNeilly
Primary Contact:                 Sadie Epstein-Fine,
Casting Director:                 Ken McNeilly
Audition Location:              Downtown Toronto, exact location TBA
Compensation:                     Yes

Auditions:                             April 9, April 10
Callbacks:                              April 12
Mandatory Meeting:           April 21
Rehearsals:                           May 3, 4, 10, 11, 17, 18, 26, 29, 31
June 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 15, 17, 19, 24, 26, 30
July 1, 2
Performances:                      June 20 (daytime), 21 (evening); July 3-14 (times TBD)
Some Fringe shows go on to be part of “Best of Fringe”
Note:                                       Most rehearsals are evenings/weekends. During the month of May, only certain actors will be required at each rehearsal. Full-cast rehearsals begin in June.

Based on the lived experiences of youth with LGB-identified parents, The Common Ground is a 60-minute musical that explores the powerful voices, the unique perspectives, and the beautiful stories of several Ontario youth.  Brought to you by Phenomenon Theatrix, this extraordinary, research-inspired production runs from July 3-14, 2014, at one of the many Toronto Fringe venues.  The show is a narrated, comical, cabaret-style musical that draws from some of the verbatim transcripts from the interviews conducted by the playwright during his doctoral studies at the University of Toronto.


MOTHER       This adult female, approximately 45 years old, must play the acoustic
guitar with great proficiency.  Plays several small roles such as mom,
stepmother, teacher, etc.

VICTORIA      Opinionated, politically savvy, 18 years old, identifies as queer,
grew up with 2 lesbian moms

OWEN             Good looking, tall, athletic, 18 years old, identifies as straight, has
a straight dad and a lesbian mom

CHRISTIE      Sporty, chipper, 16 years old, identifies as straight, has a straight mom
and a gay-identified dad

ELLIE              Pretty, somewhat timid, 15 years old, identifies as straight, has a
straight dad and a lesbian-identified mom

FATHER         This adult male, approximately 45 years old, must play the piano with
great proficiency.  Plays several small roles such as father, stepfather,

Note:               There is flexibility in terms of race, ethnicity, and age.  Please submit
your CV and head shot if you are at all interested in this project.

For the “teen” characters, the main priority is your ability to SING.  Second priority is your ability to act.  Ability to dance is the least important element.

For the “adult” characters, the main priority is your ability to PLAY AN INSTRUMENT (guitar or piano).  The next most important aspect is your ability to sing.

No later than April 5:

  • Please send your headshot, CV, and demo reel (if you have one) to
  • Prepare 1 comedic monologue and 2 contrasting songs (note: no accompanist or CD player will be provided).
  • Indicate your preferred audition date (April 9 or April 10).
  • Indicate the role for which you are auditioning:

___ TEEN FEMALE     (Victoria, Christie, or Ellie)
___ TEEN MALE          (Owen)
___ ADULT FEMALE   (please indicate level of guitar proficiency)