Audition: Actors for Site-Specific Work, Rainy Day Theatre Company

Rainy Day Theatre Company is seeking actors for its Site-Specific, Fringe Festival Musical!

A Work of Fiction and Musical of Sorts is a coming-of-age story about life after graduation and what growing up truly entails. It’s a story of firsts: a story of tripping over your own feet; a story of trying your hardest not to cry in public (because adults don’t do that); a story of putting your foot down; of standing rooted to the spot because you’re lost and every direction seems wrong somehow; of trying to fast-forward to the future; of trying to grasp the past as it slips away. This musical comedy reflects and embraces the uncertainty and ambivalence that so faithfully accompanies change.

Show dates

  • WEDNESDAY JULY 2ND – SUNDAY JULY 6TH: 9PM (7pm call time)
  • WEDNESDAY JULY 9TH – SATURDAY JULY 12TH: 9PM (7pm call time)

Rehearsals will be 2-4 times per week from May 20th – July 1st
(with the week of June 24th – July 1st having 4+ rehearsals/tech days)

This is a non-paying, non-union production.

Seeking 6-7 actors: 3 women, 3-4 men (See character breakdown below)

Auditions will be taking place:

  • Tuesday, April 8th, 11 – 4pm
  • Wednesday, April 9th, 11 – 4pm
  • Wednesday, April, 16th, 11 – 4pm
  • Thursday, April 17th, 11 – 4pm
  • Auditions will be 15 minutes. Location TBA with Individual Audition Replies.

In your email application (

  • Send us a brief statement of interest, including which character(s) you are interested in auditioning for, and attach your Artistic Resume and Headshot.
  • From the audition times posted, please indicate when you are NOT AVAILABLE to audition. If you are unable to attend ANY of the times provided, indicate so in your email and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Audition Requirements:

  • One side per character (listed below).  You should be familiar with your side, but you are not required to be off-book. Sides will be emailed with your audition time slot.
  • Please prepare two (2) vocal samples, in contrasting styles, of approximately 16 bars in length. Please come with sheet music for both pieces, as unaccompanied auditions will not be permitted. An accompanist will be provided if you require one.


  • KATHERINE BARTLETT (KATE): 23, and just graduated from UofT. She is a sweet, quirky, intelligent girl. She is the youngest daughter of an affluent family who expect a lot from her. She worries a lot. She does not yet know what she wants to do with her life, but she is ambitious. What she truly wants is to feel like she truly has autonomy over her own life.
  • SAMSON REID (SAM): Also in his early to mid twenties. Ambitious and well-read, but also laid back by nature. Raised by hippies, he now works in business. He is also not totally satisfied with his career/life path. He is Kate’s love interest.
  • NARRATOR: A professor. He is giving a lecture on the recent university graduate. He is outside Kate’s story, and a guide for the audience. He is sarcastic, cynical, and plays with the audience. He sometimes interacts with the characters in the story, but usually only to tease them or steer them in a different direction. He is the puppet master.
  • EMILY BARTLETT: Kate’s older sister. 28. The family’s pride and joy, Emily can do no wrong in her parents’ eyes. Trained as a lawyer, and in a serious relationship, she leads the life her parents always wanted for her. She also, however, was a party girl when she was younger.
  • HENRY BARTLETT: Kate’s father. Very conservative. Very rich. But ignorant of the world around him, or even his immediate surroundings.
  • LAURA BARTLETT: Kate’s mother. Conservative. Very caring and overprotective, she babies Kate, and sometimes crosses privacy boundaries.
  • JASPER AND HOLLY: Sam’s parents. Total anti-establishment hippies. They eat vegan, are Buddhists, and hate capitalism.
  • JACK: Kate’s boss later in the story. Overly confident and crass. Extremely fun loving; he treats the office like it’s a party. Misogynistic, and quite offensive, he sexually harasses most of the women in the office.
  • LIAM: (10-13 years old) The young student Kate tutors. Wise beyond his years. Admires Kate, and wants to grow up to be like her. Kate can do no wrong in his eyes.
  • KARL: Kate’s boss earlier in the story. Flamboyant. Manager at William-Sonoma. Takes his job way too seriously, and expects everyone else to do the same.


  • The same actors that play Henry and Laura will also play Jasper and Holly.
  • The actor playing Narrator may also play Liam and Karl, OR The actor playing Henry may also play Liam and Karl.

Contact and More Information: