Audition: She Kills Monsters, And Then Shawn Died Productions

Production Company: And Then Shawn Died Productions
Director: Zac McKendrick
Rehearsal Start Date: June 1st 2014
Audition Dates: May 15th & May 16th 12:00-6:00

Audition Note
Please send headshots and resumes to and, if chosen, you will be emailed back with an audition time and location.

About the Show:
She Kills Monsters by Qui Nugyen is a darkly comedic fantasy. The story takes place in 1995, and centres on Agnes Evans who, at the beginning of the play, loses her teen sister Tilly to a fatal car crash. Through the process of cleaning out her room, Agnes discovers a handmade Dungeons and Dragons module written by Tilly before she died. In order to learn more about the sister she will never truly get to know in life, Agnes jumps head first into Tilly’s D&D fantasy. Throughout her adventure Agnes encounters elfs, demon overlords, succubus cheerleaders, and dragons. She Kills Monsters deals with life, loss, kicking ass and awesome 90’s pop culture references.

Characters, Female: (18-24, any ethnicity)

  • AGNES-Lead-25. Protagonist. She is average in every aspect of the word, but has a huge potential for adventure.
  • TILLY-Lead- 17. Totally bad ass, but in a nerdy teen boy kind of way. She is brave and smart, but not above being a teenager.
  • LILITH-Supporting- 17. Demon Princess. She is an evil smoke show. Tough as nails, but has a huge heart for the people she loves.
  • KALIOPE-Supporting-19. Elf. She is incredibly intelligent. Would be known as the brains of the group.
  • VERA– Supporting-26. Guidance Councilor. She is Agnes’s coworker with an attitude. She would be better suited to working at a dive bar than with children. At the end of the day she has Agnes’s best interest at heart.

Characters, Male (18-24, any ethnicity)

  • MILES-Supporting-25. Agnes’s boyfriend. They have been dating for 5 years and he has yet to propose. Miles is very vanilla. It is his lack of awareness is truly his downfall.
  • ORACUS– Supporting-20. Ruler of the Underworld. The once great and feared Oracus has decided to go into early retirement. He would literally rather be anywhere then on this D&D quest.
  • CHUCK-Supporting-17. The Dungeon Master. He was approached by Agnes to teach her how to play D&D.
  • STEVEN– Supporting-17.Highschool nerd/D&D Player. He is constantly being killed by things in the D&D world and ignored by people in the real world

About And Then Shawn Died Productions:
The objective of And Then Shawn Died Productions it to produce new, innovative, and affordable theatre for the young and young at heart. We aim to focus on the dark and darkly comedic aspects of life and strive to leave our carbon footprint as small as possible.

* NOTE Payment is on an unpaid basis *