Job Posting: Executive Director, Theatre Ontario

In Brief: 
Reporting to the Board of Directors, The Executive Director provides  leadership through the management of resources and affairs of Theatre Ontario in accordance with the mission, vision, values and policies of the organization. He/she creates and drives the vision for the future.  As the Executive Director, responsibilities consist of the overall management of the administration and financial aspects of the organization including: revenue development, budgets, Board relations, human resources, financial reporting, communications, strategic planning and cultivating contacts. He/she supervises and provides leadership and direction to the staff, as well as, representing Theatre Ontario to governmental agencies, media, the community and the membership. The Executive Director is an ex-officio member of all Theatre Ontario Committees and the Board of Directors.

Financial Management

  • Sustain the organization’s financial health and continuously explore new revenue streams and resources for the organization
  • Manage and control the organization’s financial resources by monitoring expenditures, identifying problems, concerns or shortfalls, and provide strategic solutions to the Treasurer, Executive Committee and the Board of Directors to balance revenues and expenses
  • Oversee the completion of legal reporting requirements including corporate returns, reports to CCRA, HST returns, Receiver General reports and any licensing reporting requirements

Administration and Operational Management

  • Take an active leadership role in all long term and short term planning for Theatre Ontario and strive to maintain the organization’s good name and strong reputation
  • Prepare and write all grant applications to funders and foundations, as well as completing government financial reports
  • Oversee the delivery of project programming including courses, educational outreach, training, publications and special projects
  • Undertake special projects or specific assignments as may be directed from time to time by the Board of Directors

Human Resources Management

  • Provide leadership, direction and supervision to staff, and provide strategic guidance to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization.
  • Ensure a humane and inspirational work environment
  • Oversee the contracting of all staff, contract workers, and student/interns and, in accordance with Theatre Ontario’s personnel policies, conduct annual performance reviews of staff and contract employees
  • Administer office premises and the hiring and dismissal of personnel as required

Board Relations

  • Provide the Board of Directors with the timely information it requires to govern effectively and make informed decisions.
  • Act as the Board’s ex-officio Secretary, take minutes (when required), serve on committees and take a lead in all policy making, strategic planning and decision making.
  • Prepare and organize the Executive committee and board of Directors meetings and the Annual General Meeting by sending out all reports and relevant documentation well in advance of meetings

Community and Industry Liaison

  • Act as the spokesperson for Theatre Ontario
  • Develop, consult and maintain external relationships and strategic links with government ministries and agencies, foundations, Theatre Ontario members and other stakeholders
  • Establish strong and co-operative working relationships with other theatre and arts organizations to address advocacy issues and concerns of the theatre community, and on behalf of the theatre practitioners of Ontario, advocate, and whenever possible, take the lead on issues affecting our members and the theatre community
  • Represent Theatre Ontario, when reasonably required, at meetings with professional and amateur theatre companies, related theatre networks, arts service organizations, educational institutions, performing arts training programs and public and private funders (including corporations, fundraising bodies and foundations)
  • Develop a communication and outreach plan to maintain and increase the organization’s profile and to promote the services of the organization

All interested candidates are to provide a resume and covering letter emailed to the attention of Cam Lund, President, Board of Directors Theatre Ontario at by May 16th 5:00pm.

This position is for a full-time Executive Director to start September 2, 2014.  If interested candidates have any questions, they can email Cam Lund at the address