Workshop: DISEQUILIBRIUM: The Tightrope in Performance, Single Thread, in association with ZOU

Single Thread, in association with ZOU, presents:

DISEQUILIBRIUM: The Tightrope in Performance
A workshop in jeu, improvisation, and playing with equilibrium.

Friday May 16th, 10am-3pm

Instructed by: Viktor Lukawski

This workshop is designed for artists in performance looking to enrich and expand their capacity for jeu (creative play). The students will explore their own sense of play on stage with the aim of establishing a strong relationship with fellow performers and the audience. We will be developing the necessary tools for versatile craftsmanship in performance.

Through theatrical games and exercises, as well as through stylistic constraints, we will be exploring the fine line between equilibrium and disequilibrium, finding the inherent play between these two forces. Students will walk a ‘theatrical tightrope,’ examining physical oppositions and transposing them theatrically.

Students will explore the following:

  1. Le Jeu – finding strong moments of play with fellow performers and the audience
  2. Improvisation – strengthening impulses (action and reaction) in moments of play
  3. Equilibrium – exploring the push and pull, balance and unbalance, (of the physical body) in performance

This workshop is open to artists/students in all fields of performance arts (actors, writers, directors, dancers, musicians, etc.)

Enrollment is extremely limited.

Please note: Workshop Registration includes up to 2 tickets to the performance of ZOU’s “Business as Usual” at the Theatre Centre @ 8:15 pm.

“Pushing a movement beyond the point of balance provokes imbalance, we begin to fall, and in order to avoid this fall, we invent locomotion. We move forward. This law of physical movement is no less valid for the stirring of the emotions.”

– Jacques Lecoq, The Moving Body

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Viktor Lukawski is an international theatre and film artist and freelance instructor. He is a graduate of Queen’s University (BAH Theatre) in Canada and the École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris, France. He has performed and developed new works in the UK, France, and Poland. As a company member of Wet Picnic in England, he has co-written and performed in several productions, including Death and Gardening, which was well received at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2013. He is the artistic director of ZOU theatre company, which is currently performing their original piece, “Business As Usual”, at the Theatre Centre in Toronto.