Workshop: Bouffon Workshop, Play It Again Productions and Theatre Smith Gilmour!

Be part of the Bouffon Brilliance that has inspired the successes of Play It Again Productions and Theatre Smith Gilmour!

Saturday May 17th,  1-5pm

Join Dean Gilmour, Michele Smith, Danya Buonastella & Nina Gilmour for an afternoon of discovering and tearing apart the politics and powers of our world. We will study the pleasure of the bouffon through parody, satire and mockery.

Who are the Bouffons?
They are outcasts and misfits who come from the swamps, where they have been relegated; they come to denounce hypocrisy with mockery, irony and satire, to take the piss out of society. The Bouffons are the “deformed and ugly people” that the royalty would employ for their amusement; but inevitably the Bouffons would get carried away and go too far: they would speak the naked truth and risk a whipping or even death.

Trained under Philippe Gaulier, this is a rare opportunity to practice Bouffon style clown skills in Toronto with award-winning creators and performers!

$70 for Workshop – Includes 1 Ticket to see

Contact to reserve your spot. Space is limited so don’t wait too long!