Call for Submissions: Nominate your Choice for a 2014 Haroldee Today!, Harold Awards

Your Vote Counts!

Not since the Magna Carta has such responsibility been given to the people.

But in 2014, in recognition of the Twentieth Anniversary of the Harold Awards, the event producers, in their infinite wisdom, will allow The People to put forward a name to be Harolded. The winner will be inducted into the hallowed halls of House Luther Hansraj!


To give your Harold nominee a better chance at winning, see what you can do to convince others to VOTE FOR THE SAME PERSON. A single vote will not do the trick. The People’s Choice Harold will be announced at the Harold Awards on May 26 at the Cadillac Lounge.
And don’t forget – the first 10 people to arrive at the door with their Harold statue in tow get in for free. What? Your statue is a box in the basement somewhere and you can’t find it? Don’t sweat it… Advance Tickets are only $10 through Eventbrite and $15 at the door. Buy them now, save the $5, and enjoy an extra drink… you earned it.

See you at the Cadillac Lounge!