Workshop: Playwriting How to Self-Edit & Critique, Theatre Ontario

Do you have a play inside you? Join us for our level two playwriting workshop: A workshop for your emerging play

Plays are not written in the first draft. Plays come to life in rewrites. But re-write how? What if we don’t know how to move our work forward? What if we don’t know how to critique our own work? What if we aren’t sure how to process feedback from others? Lindsay Price offers tools and techniques for playwrights who have a play “under construction.”

Part One: How to Give Feedback
The first step to accepting feedback is to learn how to give it. Participants will read and discuss scenes (not those of the participants) and determine how they would give feedback to the playwright. They then will learn a feedback process involving impressions, questions, and playwright intention.

Part Two:
Participants will share and discuss the script they have brought to work on in a roundtable. What feedback have they received? How has it helped/hindered? What is stopping them from moving forward with their script? What are the trouble spots?

Part Three:
A round table discussion regarding second draft pitfalls.  Then a session on re-write tools with exercises designed to help participants to move toward a second draft focusing on: character and conflict, questioning, playwright intention, exploring outside the world of the play.

For this workshop participants will have to submit a few pages, a précis, a scene, a completed short work, a dialogue, a scene, or a short play (2-10 pages) by May 21, 2014, so the facilitator can read and have feedback ready for the session.

Date: Sunday, June 1st, 2014
Time: 10 am to 5 pm
Cost: $100 plus HST for individual members; $150 plus HST for non members
Location: Theatre Ontario Boardroom
Address: 401 Richmond Street West, Suite 350, Toronto ON

To register for this workshop please email Cornelia at or visit our website