Announcement: Your 2014 Haroldees Are, The Harold Awards

Your 2014 Haroldees are:

House of Paul Bettis: Maria Vacratsis
House of Luther Hansraj: Bran Ramsey (2014 People’s Choice)
House of Kirsten Johnson: Jennifer Triemstra-Johnston
House of Sherrie Johnson: Rupal Shah
House of Jacoba Knaapen: Laura Pomeroy
House of Daniel MacIvor: Mumbi Tindyebwa
House of Don McKellar: Ryan Kelly
House of Darren O’Donnell: Grant Cowan
House of Alex Poch-Goldin: Aislinn Rose
House of Nadia Ross: Zis Parras
House of Lisa Ryder: Blake Thorne
House of Sarah Stanley: Nina Lee Aquino
House of Deanne Taylor: McCowan Thomas // Claire Calnan
Ken McDougall Award: Gein Wong
Barbara Fingerote Award: Vicki Wright
20th Anniversary Harold: Philip Akin

Watch the Philip Akin ambush/acceptance speech video here.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Thanks for a great night. This is your 2013 host committee, signing off!
Dave McKay, Ken Wickes, Eleanor O’Connor, Maria Popoff, Sholem Dolgoy, Lindy Zucker, Jim Roe, Richard Lee, Alexis Da Silva-Powell, Steven Gallagher, Brad Lepp, Patty Jarvis, Meredith Potter, Tanisha Taitt