Volunteer: Singers Wanted, Nafsika

Singers wanted:

  • 2 female- lead Persephone- 22-30, (mezzo-soprano) Demeter- 38-50 mezzo with some higher note capability
  • 1 male- ghost -20-30

I’m looking for singers who are interested in doing a recording for an independent musical theatre submission. The deadline is June 4th so I hope to do the recording on Saturday or Sunday. Depending on people’s availability there’s wiggle room for a Monday or Tuesday eve recording at the latest. Yes short notice. Yes I’ll provide all the help I can to get ready for recording. No pay unfortunately at this point, but will be keeping performers in mind if it goes somewhere!

The musical is called Persephone and Demeter. Persephone’s a sassy lass with magical powers with the dead.  Demeter is her protective mother. All details provided later if you need them to make a decision. The song that needs recording is Persephone and Demeter. Not too worried about age right now. Such a tight deadline, if you are a woman who can attempt a more mature or younger role, you are most welcome. The other song is Can I buy my life back please- A male voice is needed AND Persephone’s voice again.

There is another song which I want to submit, time allowing and it’s for a male voice as well as Persephone

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!
Due to short time constraint, feel free to call me.

647 741 5392