Audition: AVENUE Q, The Lower Ossington Theatre

The Lower Ossington Theatre is looking to cast replacements and understudies for its long-running hit, AVENUE Q

This is a non equity, paid production.

Auditions:  to be arranged individually.
Rehearsals Begin: Immediately after casting.
Performances: June 19th – August 3rd (starting dates vary by character)

Seeking the following Characters:

  • GARY COLEMAN – yes, that Gary Coleman, a black man, played by a woman.  Please note that the actress does not necessarily need to be black, but darker skin is required for this role.  Strong mezzo, great comedic timing, not a puppeteer.
  • CHRISTMAS EVE – Soprano, Asian (character is Japanese), strong comedic timing, comedic Japanese accent, not a puppeteer.
  • TREKKIE MONSTER/NEWCOMMER/NICKY/BAD IDEA BEAR/ OTHERS – Tenor. Strong character voice (think Cookie Monster for Trekkie, Ernie for Nicky), ability to hold harmonies, great comedic timing, Strong puppeteering skills required.
  • PRINCETON/ROD – Tenor, ability to speak and sing in a character voice, ability to show strong differences between the two characters, great comedic timing. Strong puppeteering skills required.

If you are interested in auditioning, please send an email with your headshot and resume to, with “Avenue Q” in the subject line, as soon as possible. Indicate which character(s) you are interested in, and you will be sent material to prepare for those characters.

*A note on puppet characters: You do not need to have any experience as a puppeteer, but you need to come to the audition with – at the very least – correct sync (the puppet’s mouth movements should match exactly what you are saying, syllable for syllable.) The best way to achieve this skill and check your work is to puppet your material in front of a mirror (if you don’t have a puppet you can just use your hand), and to know your material very well.