Event: Frigne TENT TALK – Youth Leadership in the Arts, Paprika Festival

Youth Leadership in the Arts
Presented by The Paprika Festival
6:00pm – 7:00pm on Tuesday July 8 at the Toronto Fringe Festival
Held in the Fringe Club behind Honest Ed’s (581 Bloor Street West, Toronto)

Guest Speakers:
Kate Fraser  – Program Manager, ArtReach Toronto
Hannah Kaya – Young Artist, Paprika Festival
Rosalyn Morrison – Vice-President, Community Initiatives at Toronto Community Foundation
Erin Schachter – Education & Enrichment Manager, Canadian Stage

Hosted by: Dan Daley

Across the country there are youth outreach programs being offered by major arts
institutions. These institutions must appeal to the requirements and mandates of major
funding bodies. Is this creating a culture of youth outreach initiatives that are not serving
youth in the best possible way? Is there another way to integrate the next generation of
cultural leaders? The panel discussion will focus on youth leadership in the arts and how
we might better serve the diversity of young people seeking artistic expression.