Job Posting: Production Assistances Wanted, Meospect Media

Meospect Media has 4 On-Set PA positions available for this year’s recordings of our TV Sitcom Series.

*Project Specifications*

  •  “Call me Oscar” — Episodes 103 to 106 – TV Sitcom
  • Independent; Non-Union; Insured; Toronto Studio Set

Production Schedule:
Must be available from November 07 to November 17, 2014, 12.5-hr days (10 hrs work + 2.5 hr meals & breaks)

*Minimum Qualifications*
Recent Graduate or In-Progress relevant Post-Secondary Education in film, television, broadcasting, or theatre.

Hands-on experience (in addition to school and non-profit projects) on film, TV set or in theatre in any of the areas listed below would be preferable. Please, indicate specific experience and area of interest in your cover letter:

  • general PA/ runner
  • stage management assistant
  • continuity
  • craft services
  • wardrobe/ hair & make-up
  • set décor & props


  •  Volunteer
  • 3 meals x day


Deadline: Friday, July 25, 2014 by 5 pm
Email: jobs(AT)meospect(DOT)com
Subject: CMO-S1-PAS


  • Do not use any form on the posting site
  • Paste cover letter, resume, and links in body of email
  • E-mails with attachments will be auto-deleted without being opened
  • Specify area of experience in a cover letter