Audition: You Have To Earn It, Alumnae Theatre Company

By Ramona Bailie & Maria Popoff
Directed by Jennifer Radford
Performance dates: November 12 – 30, 2014

Part of Alumnae Theatre Company’s FireWorks Event

A Metropolitan City, 1930s:  A hardworking young woman has hopes of moving up through the ranks of the cosmetics company when a promotion opens up. But things get complicated when her competition is a bombshell with no interest in customer service but definite designs on their married boss. And when she accidentally tips off the bosses’ wife to the location of a tryst between her boss and the bombshell… disguises, deception and disaster ensue. A classic madcap romantic comedy about getting ahead in business and in love.

  • Betty Parker: (mid-20’s) Clerk – our heroine. Hardworking, decent and kind, good with people. A smart cookie whose brains get overlooked. A little naive about how things really work in the business world.
  • Dorothy: (mid-to-late 20’s) Betty’s loyal friend and co-worker. Wiser about the world than Betty. Nearsighted.
  • Eddie: (mid-20’s) Mail Room Clerk with a good heart. Friend of Betty’s, with a chance of being more … until bombshell Joan catches his eye.
  • Joan: (mid-20’s) Clerk. Bombshell. Superficial, vain & self-involved, with designs on the promotion – and the Boss
  • Mr. Charles Theodore Brown: (in his 50’s) The Boss – President at Lafontaine Beauty, with an eye for the ladies.
  • Mrs. Charlotte Brown: (40-ish) – Smart, worldly, her father owns Lafontaine Beauty. Like Betty, there is more to her than meets the eye.
  • Joe: (early 30’s) A handsome bartender & artist.
  • Pierre: (in his 30’s-40’s, flexible age) Overworked Maître d’ with a French accent (who may or may not actually be French). Possible shades of Manuel from Fawlty Towers. Ability to do physical comedy and characterize with few lines.


  • Monday AUGUST 18th
  • Tuesday AUGUST 19th
  • Friday AUGUST 22nd beginning at 7:00 pm

We’d prefer to fill up Monday and Tuesday first if possible. You may present a 2-minute contemporary monologue and/or read from the play. A copy of the script is available at the Toronto Reference Library, 5th floor, Performance Desk, 789 Yonge Street.


PLEASE EMAIL and attach photo and résumé. Be sure to include the PLAY TITLE, ROLE and your PHONE NUMBER so we can contact you.


Auditions will be held at the Alumnae Theatre, 70 Berkeley Street (SW corner of Berkeley and Adelaide)

Alumnae Theatre is a non-union theatre that encourages diversity in its membership and casting.