Audition: Rope, Bygone Theatre

We are casting for our upcoming production of “Rope”, to be performed at the Gibson House Museum in Toronto (near Shepherd Station) November 2014. There will be a total of 7 performances, taking place between November 21 and 29th. This show is non-union, non-paying; honourariums may be provided depending on the success of our fundraising and of the show.

An edge-of-your-seat suspense drama, Rope tells the story of two privileged young men, Brandon and James, who decide to murder a classmate for the sheer “thrill of it”. After hiding the body in a trunk in their living room, they throw a party, inviting the deceased’s friends and family (his father, Dr. Kentley, his sister, Miss Kentley, his friends Kenneth and Leila, and his TA, Rupert). Tensions build as the men struggle with gloating and guilt, leading to the eventual discovery of the crime by Rupert, their former TA.


  • Brandon – charming, confident, dangerous. Mid 20s
  • James – talented pianist, a follower. Mid 20s
  • The Maid – flexible with age, race and sex
  • Kenneth – a “good boy”, Early 20s.
  • Leila – a “party girl”. Early 20s
  • Dr. Kentley – A distinguished doctor & former professor. 50+
  • Miss Kentley – An aloof young woman. 20s.
  • Rupert Cadell – A cynical, crippled poet. Late 20s.

**NOTE** As the play is now in public domain, we are making some adjustments to the characters. For an idea of the story, please read Patrick Hamilton’s “Rope” (1929). There may be some flexibility with minor characters in terms of age, race, and in the place of the maid, sex. Decisions will be made after auditions.