Event: Shed Plays as Part of the Inaugural Festival Street at the 39th Toronto International Film Festival, Toronto Fringe and TIFF

For the first time ever, the Toronto International Film Festival will turn King Street West into a pedestrian promenade featuring curated art works across multiple disciplines, pop-up performances, a music mainstage, food trucks, relaxed seating areas, and much more. This year, Toronto Fringe is part of the programming with Shed Plays that feature cinema-themed performances.

Shed Plays are intimate micro-plays that will be staged in a pop-up shed on King Street West. Pedestrians will have a chance to sample these miniature bites of live theatre, presented by the vanguard of indie theatre artists in the city. Sample from a program of mischievous clowns and divine divas, deceased authors and award-winning comedians.

Shed Plays will run daily from 11am – 7pm on September 5th, 6th and 7th, 2014.

View complete Shed Plays schedule here.
View Festival Street map here.

Shed Plays line-up:

Morro and Jasp presents Equal Rights for Clowns: Enough is enough! Come make a sign and help us protest pies in the face, squirting flowers, oversized shoes and undersized cars. Plus, watch our original clownumentary “Behind The Nose.” Free popcorn!

Theatre Mischief presents CinemaTrope: Theatre Mischief takes you to the movies! Mark Shyzer and Jessica Moss perform a whirlwind of cinema favourites bringing you into the pictures that make you laugh, cry, or scream. Chills, thrills, and daring spills! Love and laughter, mirth and mayhem! See the movies…live! Presented in Theatr-O-Scope Vision.

Shakey-Shake and Friends present Cave Stories: Step into a cave full of drawings from a long forgotten civilization and have the sage Yebert tell you a tale from the fabled Age of Film… Pick a classic film from our cave drawings and have it retold to you as an ancient myth, featuring puppet storytelling by Tom McGee (Shakey-Shake and Friends, Theatre Brouhaha).

Monkeyman Productions presents Ask Lovecraft: Monkeyman Productions has brought H.P. Lovecraft, creator of Cthulhu, back from the dead to answer questions on horror, cinema, and the many (and varied) adaptations of his work.

Faisal Butt presents Man in Shed: Acclaimed comedian and storyteller Faisal Butt weaves together an intimate and surprising encounter. Faisal is a SiriusXM Top Comic Finalist and will be opening for Russell Peters in 2014.

Kanika Ambrose presents Cookies, Ice Cream and Gumbo: Actor/writer Kanika Ambrose (The Art of Traditional Head-tying) brings you a portrait of 6 Hollywood heroines’ struggles to find elusive happiness.