Workshop: Solo Dancing, Dawne Carleton

10 weeks – $500* (3 participants per class)
Saturdays September 13 – November 15 2014, 10 a.m. – noon
IGAC Studio @ Artscape Youngplace, 180 Shaw St. Suite 103

In this masterclass-format intensive we use the pared-down structure of unaccompanied solo improvisation to discover what each participant is doing when they improvise, clarify what they would like to be doing, and practice staying connected to their intention, or score, in performance.  Beginning with one-minute improvisations, students will be led in a focused process involving dancing, reflecting, observing and more dancing as they build toward 10-minute improvisations in the final class.  Additional exercises will be introduced to elucidate specific concerns and interests as they arise.  Each class will begin with 30 minutes of silent self-directed warm-up/practice.  An optional informal showing of work will take place at the end of the session.

This class is designed for dancers interested in moving beyond habitual blocks and limitations, developing presence, skill and impact in improvised performance and establishing their own body of improvisation-based work. Practitioners in related fields seeking advanced study are also welcome.

For more information and to register, please contact instructor

Dawne Carleton’s work as a dance artist, instructor and creative process facilitator is rooted in an improvisation practice that spans over 20 years.  She received a Canada Council grant for Masters-level studies at the European Dance Development Center in The Netherlands.  She is a choreographer who “enhance[s] our understanding of who and what we are as embodied creatures” (The Dance Current).  She brings a deep sense of listening to one-on-one creative process facilitation work with artists from diverse fields.  In addition to Solo Dancing Carleton leads Group Practice, a weekly space for movement-based practice and dialogue.

*$100 non-refundable deposit due upon registration; remainder of fees must be received by Friday, September 5 2014.