Call for Submissions: The Third Robert Johnston WorkInCulture Award, WorkInCulture

WorkInCulture is pleased and excited to announce a call for nominations for The Third Robert Johnston WorkInCulture Award. This award will be presented to an individual who has demonstrated a tenacious commitment to furthering human resources development in the cultural sector in Ontario. Either as a manager, mentor, supporter or educator, the recipient has made a deliberate and fruitful contribution to supporting the growth of our most valued resource: people.

The Award is named in honour of Robert Johnston, whose longtime service in the cultural sector as former Executive Director of Cultural Careers Council Ontario (WorkInCulture) and former General Director of The National Ballet of Canada (from 1979 to 1987) stands as a model of professionalism for cultural workers of all disciplines. The  inaugural award was presented to Patricia Fraser, Artistic Director of The School of Toronto Dance Theatre in November 2010, and then two years later was the award was presented to Cathy Smalley, arts consultant extraordinaire.

The Award is open to individuals (artists and administrators) who have contributed a minimum of 10 years of professional service to the arts and cultural industries. The Award will be presented at the WorkInCulture Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, November 19th.

Summary of Criteria:

  • Currently working as a manager, mentor, trainer or educator in the cultural sector in Ontario
  • Contributed a minimum of 10 years of professional service to arts and cultural industries
  • Demonstrated an outstanding contribution to furthering human resources practices and supporting human resources in the cultural sector

Nomination Process:
Individuals may nominate any individual currently working in the cultural sector who meets the criteria above.

Each nominator shall provide a written submission to substantiate their nomination. The written submission should be no longer than six (6) pages (inclusive of all attachments), and should include:

  • The name and current position that the nominee holds;
  • A brief summary of their work history (a resume or curriculum vitae could be included, if available);
  • A description of the activities and achievements of the nominee that support the criteria, along with specific examples of demonstrated achievements;
  • Written letters of support for the nomination which should come from 2 individuals who are familiar with the nominee and who support the nomination, along with their rationale.

Deadline for award nominations is Thursday, October 9, 2014.

Nominations must be submitted electronically to OR in hard copy to the office of WorkInCulture, 27 Carlton Street, Toronto, M5B 1L2, Attention: The Robert Johnston WorkInCulture Award Committee.

The award recipient will be publicly announced and honoured at the WorkInCulture Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, November 19th, 2014.