Call for Submissions: Youth Blues Challenege, Theatre Passe Muraille

We’re seeking the best young blues artists in the city to share their talents during the intermissions of our production of Life, Death and The Blues.

Whether you’re a solo act, a duo or a blues band, we want to hear what you’ve got. You must be 25 or under to be eligible, and all you’ve got to do is post a video online. Alongside the chance to perform at Theatre Passe Muraille, winners receive a pair of complimentary tickets to the production, as well as an opportunity to meet the cast (including Divine Brown and Raoul Bhaneja) after the show.

This is a great opportunity for young blues musicians to show their work, connect with other artists, and meet some Canadian blues legends. All winners will also be acknowledged from the stage in the final set and thereby included in the show along with our cast and our “legend”.

Submit by following the steps below:

  1. Upload a video of ONE song (no more than 5 minutes in length) to YouTube. The listing should be labelled: YOUTH BLUES CHALLENGE, (NAME OF ARTIST), (NAME OF SONG). And it should be tagged with #LDaTB
  2. The song can be a cover tune or an original and can draw from the genre of The Blues as an inspiration. The song should have a personal connection from the performer that they can articulate (but not necessarily in the video). The song should be accompanied live but it can be simple (No Karaoke, Sorry).
  3. Fill in the online form here.
  4. Tweet out the link to your video, and tag it with @beyondwallsTPM and #LDaTB or share it on Facebook and tag Theatre Passe Muraille.

Check out this video from Raoul himself inviting you to participate.

Deadline: September 19, 2014 at 5:00pm