Workshop: Adult Academy Fall Classes, Bad Dog Theatre

Whether you’re trying to break into the performing arts or hone a creative edge, the Bad Dog Academy’s improv workshops are for you. Bad Dog Theatre has taught improv workshops in Toronto for over 20 years…  Our introductory improv programs have helped people from all walks of life improve their confidence, their public speaking, and their creativity. Our advanced classes offer unique challenges to seasoned improviser looking to broaden their abilities. Join us at our new space at 875 Bloor Street West for our Fall semester!

Drop-In Classes
Can’t commit to a weekly class? Check out our $5 Drop-In options, they’re flexible, affordable, and a great way to get to know our faculty!  Tuesdays & Wednesdays at 7pm, Saturdays at 6pm

Foundation Series
At the core of Bad Dog’s improv training program is our three-level Foundation Series. These classes are where we tackle the basics… the meat and potatoes of improvising… the bricks and mortar of building scenes. Our Foundation Series sets the table for our intermediate, advanced and performance-oriented workshops & classes.

Foundation Level 1:  BEGINNINGS
Basic terminology & skills of improvisation
Who it’s for: people with absolutely no prior improv or performance experience / improvisers who want to return to the basics to refresh their game

Duration: 8 weeks, 2hrs/class
Price: $245 (+HST)
Dates & Times:
Mondays, 6-8pm September 29th – November 24th (no class October 13th Thanksgiving)
Fridays, 6-8pm October 17th – December 5th
Sundays, 12-2pm September 14th – November 9th (no class October 12th Thanksgiving)

Foundation Level 2: MIDDLES
Builds on the skills introduced in Foundation 1, but with particular focus on action & stakes
Who it’s for: improvisers who have completed Foundation 1 or have the recommendation of the Academy Director, Jess Bryson,
Duration: 8 weeks, 2hrs/class
Price: $245 (+HST)
Dates & Times:
Tuesdays 6-8pm October 21st – December 9th
Saturdays 4-6pm September 27th – November 22nd (no class October 11th for Thanksgiving)

Foundation Level 3: (ODDS &) ENDS
Builds further on the ideas introduced in previous two levels, but with a focus on scenework
Who it’s for: improvisers who have completed Foundation 2 or equivalent

Duration: 8 weeks, 2hrs/class
Price: $245 (+HST)
Dates & Times:
Saturdays, 2-4pm, September 27th – November 22nd (no class October 11th for Thanksgiving)

Intermediate Classes

Studio Presents: Acting for Improvisers
Using the fundamentals of improv as a basis, students will learn acting basics to perform grounded and committed scripted scene work. Learn how to make use of tactics, break down a scene, prepare a monologue and work with scene partners to create honest and compelling pieces of theatre. If you’d like to become a more fully-rounded performer, this is the class for you.

When: Wednesday 5:30-8pm October 1st – November 12th
Duration: 7 weeks, two levels (14 weeks)
Cost: $245 (+HST)
Experience Level:  Intermediate. Foundation 2+ or equivalent
Instruction: Roger Bainbridge

Studio Presents: Yes 2.0
This class will focus on what happens between ‘yes’ and ‘and’ in order to examine and strengthen an improvisor’s sense of agreement. We often see improvisors paying lip service to ‘yes’ and rushing to advance the scene, failing to harness the simple power derived from fully embracing their scene partner’s ideas meaningfully and immediately. Training your instincts towards unreserved agreement and learning more powerful ways to say yes will find you grounded earlier in your scenework and capable of exploring much richer characters and ideas.

When: Sundays 4-6:30pm September 28th – November 16th (no class October 12th for Thanksgiving)
Duration: 7 weeks
Cost:  $245 (+HST)
Experience Level: Intermediate. Foundation 2+ or equivalent
Instructor: Alex Tindal

Performance Level Classes

Musical Improv:
This course is for performers who have tried musical improv and want to deepen their skills. Classes will aim at honing each performer’s technical skill, musical knowledge, and sharpening their instincts in improvised songs.  Each week active participation will give students the opportunity to practice solos, duets, trios, madrigals, ensemble work and narrative structure. Students should have experience in improv and be comfortable singing in front of an audience.

When: Saturdays 12-2:30pm September 27th – November 15th (no class October 11th for Thanksgiving)
Cost: $300 (+HST)
Duration: 7 weeks, two levels (14 weeks)
Experience Level: In order to take Musical Improv Studio Series, one must audition. We are looking for students at an Intermediate Improv Level.
Instructor: Aurora Browne

About Bad Dog Theatre Company
The Bad Dog Theatre Company is the home of Theatresports Toronto, the city’s longest continuously running improv show, We’ve been a commanding presence in the Toronto comedy community since 1982. Some of our award-winning alumni have gone on to work in stage, film, radio and television on shows like Saturday Night Live, Anne of Green Gables, The Road to Avonlea, History Bites, The Red Green Show, This Hour has 22 Minutes, Train 48, Air Farce, Sketchcom, MadTV and more!

We offer a variety of classes for adults and youth and provide a safe, welcoming environment for both new and veteran improvisors. To register for our adult and youth classes, please go to or email our Academy Coordinators at for more information.