Call for Submissions: Independent Filmmaker Seeking Actors for Web Series (absurdist comedy/drama), Lee Piazza

Currently casting for three roles:

  • DALE: Ex-chopper pilot, suffers from chronic tennis elbow. Rough around the edges, generally frustrated with his life situation. Filming time: 2 days, 1 in September, 1 in October. Male, 20 – 35.
  • FRANK JIMMY: Restaurant owner and casual alcoholic. Friendly, kindhearted, yabbers like your uncle at Christmas dinner. Male, 20 – 45. Filming time: 3 days in September or October.
  • GORD: Welcoming, kindhearted homeowner with a penchant for revelry and merriment. Male, 20 – 45. Filming time: 1 day in September or October.

This is unpaid, but I’ll cover your lunch, and we’ll have a most merry wrap up party! This is our first major project so you’ll also be kept in mind for future (hopefully paid!) projects.

If interested, send a brief monologue (if you don’t have one already filmed, feel free to do a quick one on an iPhone- doesn’t need to be super professional) and resume to: and we’ll be in touch if interested.