Workshop: Expand your Creative Practice with Artist-Educator Professional Training, The Royal Conservatory of Music

Are you an artist looking to expand your career into the education, community and
health care sectors?

The Royal Conservatory School and Learning Through the Arts offer you a four-tiered certification program to build your toolkit and enhance your skills as an Artist-Educator.

The Royal Conservatory’s courses in Artist-Educator Professional Training are geared toward practicing artists who are already involved, or are interested in becoming involved, in arts education. Each course level – from Foundations to Level III (Mentor Artist) certification – offers a path to successfully working in schools, communities, and health care settings through both theoretical study and hands-on exploration.

You can expect to come out of each course level with a more advanced toolkit of strategies and concrete skills that can be used to bring your art form to work with children, youth, and adults in a variety of contexts.

Each Artist-Educator course uses a module-based learning structure to explore content in a creative atmosphere. Together with your experienced course instructors, you will use engaging, fun, and hands-on arts-infused activities that you can experiment with and eventually apply to your own arts discipline in educational and community environments.

Upcoming Courses – Fall/Winter 2014-15

This introductory course explores: how people learn at different stages of life; effective partnering: and how to structure arts-based lessons that are effective and engaging for learners. Successful completion of the course will prepare you to work in elementary, intermediate and secondary schools, as well as community settings.

Prerequisite: Must be a practicing artist.

Dates, Times and Cost:
Sundays, Oct 19 – Nov 16, 2014 (5 full days, 30 hour course)
10:00am – 5:00pm each day
Cost: $600

Level 1 (Artist-Educator)
Building on Foundations, this course explores: the Ontario arts curriculum; connecting the arts to other school subjects (e.g. math, language arts, and social studies); successful classroom partnerships and management; and developing arts-based lessons that are both effective and engaging for learners of different ages, stages, and abilities. You can expect to exit this course with concrete, applicable, professional skills that connect your art form to working effectively with children and youth in various settings.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Foundations course.

Dates, Times and Cost:
(Fall) Mondays, Sept 22 – Dec 1, 2014 (no class Oct 13)
(Winter) Mondays, Jan 26 – Apr 20, 2015 (no classes Feb 16, Mar 16, Apr 6)
(10 evenings, 30-hour course)
Cost: $600

Level II (Lead Artist)
Lead Artist training deepens your ability to work in schools and community settings. Course content expands on both understanding and shaping practice around: how people learn at different stages of life; adult education; understanding the brain and the neuroscience of learning; and how to develop more advanced lesson plans, including those for adult learners. You will also learn how to promote yourself and your arts education projects through effective presentation skills and project proposal/pitching.

Successful completion of Lead Artist training will equip you to take on a more active role in arts education advocacy. You will be empowered to: deliver workshops for teachers, school administrators, and staff; give program demonstrations to funders, media or other audiences; and provide professional workshops for other artists.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of Level I with a minimum grade of 65% and permission from the Course Director.

Dates, Times and Cost:
(Fall 2014) Thursdays, Sept 25 – Nov 27, 2014
(Winter 2015) Thursdays, Jan 29 – April 9, 2015 (no class Mar 19)
(10 evenings, 30-hour course)
Cost: $600

Information and Registration
For more information about the Artist-Educator Professional Training – please visit:

Complete course details and registration are available online here.
Or you can register by calling 416-408-2825 (in Toronto) or 1-888-408-2825 (toll free in Canada)