Workshop: Free Crowdfunding Workshop, HiveWire and Toronto Fringe

Led by Industry Experts HiveWire and Toronto Fringe/Fund What You Can

The Toronto Fringe, creators of the Canadian crowdfunding site Fund What You Can (FWYC) will offer a free workshop on Tuesday October 7th from 6:30pm-8:30pm. Led by industry experts Christopher Charlesworth and Asier Ania of Hivewire, this will be an invaluable two hour workshop that dives a little deeper into the world of crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding – Level 2

At the Fringe Creation Lab, 720 Bathurst St.
Tuesday October 7th
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About this Advanced Crowdfunding Workshop:
We’ll provide you the crowdfunding essentials that you need to plan, create & market your crowdfunding campaign.  You will learn practical information, strategies, and tips to help you execute a successful crowdfunding campaign.  Leave with an understanding of what are the critical campaign pieces, tools and knowledge you need to create the ideal content for a successful crowdfunding campaign and get fresh ideas through idea facilitation. You will learn campaign best practice, metrics of success, what to put in your video, how to create rewards, marketing strategies and tips, leveraging your networks, conversion rates, case studies, and more.  It all begins with preparation and planning and this is the best place to start!