Call for Submissions: November Writing Challenge, Red Theater

What is this?
Every 24 hour period of November, which is 30 days, you have to post a short play. Good, Bad, Whatever.

You commit $15 to the project, and if you complete the challenge, the winners divide up the money in December*!

When we’ve done this in the past, the amount of creative energy that gets ta churnin’ is truly amazing.


First, click here by November 1st and donate $15.

The donation from each of the participants ($15) will be divided amongst the winners. Note: Red Theater Chicago takes a 20% commission.

Second, write a play each day in November.
You can totally do it. You can post early, but you can’t post late and ‘catch up’. The cut off time is 7am the following day.

Third, email it to this address before the next morning:

You can even check and see what others have written- the password is “futurism”

How to Win!

You win just by participating… ALL THIRTY DAYS. It’s gonna be fun!

Each day I’ll send out an email to the participants with little ‘missions’ to complete like using a certain prop, phrase, subject, etc. You don’t HAVE to do that stuff. You just have to write.

I love this challenge, because several ideas for longer works have come through this challenge. The submissions are very easy- write an email on your phone while waiting on the train, etc.