Auditions: 1 MALE singer/actor for THE ROCKY HORROR HALLOWEEN CABARET, Lower Ossington Theatre

Auditions: Monday, September 29th from 10am-12pm
Cast requirements: 1 MALE singer/actor

We are seeking a strong singer/actor to head up our popular annual Rocky Horror show – this year in a new incarnation as a Halloween Cabaret Party! – as Doctor Frank N. Furter. This actor must be a powerful singer and a charismatic presence. Must be comfortable in drag and heels, and be able to improvise and work an audience.

Show Dates:

  • October 16 8pm
  • October 17 8pm and 10pm
  • October 18 8pm and 10pm
  • October 23 8pm
  • October 24 8pm and 10pm
  • October 25 8pm and 10pm
  • October 30 8pm
  • October 31 8pm and 10pm

About the role:
DR. FRANK N. FURTER: a charismatic, delightfully creepy, pansexual cross-dressing
mad scientist, obsessed with finding the spark of life – specifically to animate to gorgeous  god-like creation that is Rocky.

About The Show
This is a cabaret version of everyone’s favourite Halloween tradition at the LOT, The Rocky Horror Show: “Dammit Janet! Join all your favourite characters as they return to perform  all your favourite songs, and some of your favourite scenes, from your favourite cult-classic musical! This ain’t a picture show! It’s just the most fun you’ll have all season! You can grab a drink and/or snack from the bar, and get ready to do the Time Warp again!”

About the Audition
You will be emailed a song from the show. Please prepare this for the audition. You will also be asked to do cold-reads of some scenes.

Please submit a headshot and resume by email to: