Call for Submissions: Resourcing the Performing Arts Sector, Metcalf Foundation

Under their Innovation Fellowship program, the Metcalf Foundation is excited to release a Request for Proposals soliciting tangible, achievable, and results-oriented solutions to the resource challenges faced by the non-profit performing arts sector. Are there social enterprises or other models that the sector could use to generate ancillary revenue to support artists and arts companies? How could other resources, including non-financial resources, support the sector? Are there ways in which partnerships could be leveraged? Could established companies, which have traditionally controlled more of the sector’s resources, better facilitate the work of emerging artists?

This RFP is open to people working throughout the performing arts sector – praticing artists, administrators, organizations, consultants, academics – and Metcalf would also welcome collaborative submissions that marry the experience and expertise of people from across these areas of practice. You do not need to have charitable registration in order to apply to this RFP; application deadline is Monday, November 17, 2014. Click here to review a copy of the full RFP, and feel free to contact the Foundation if you have questions.