Audition: Blind Date A Short Feature, Philippe Gosselin

My name is Philippe Gosselin, I am new to the city and the first project I want to direct is Blind Date. Even though I have just arrived I already have a cinematographer, all the equipment needed is secured and it will be shot in RED Epic.

Synopis :
A man and a woman meet in a fine restaurant for a blind date, they click and the date goes on. Things are rather serious but the man will suddenly make a bold move which will take the rest of the movie into comedic territory.

What’s special about Blind Date is :

  • The look and feel is urban, mature and sophisticated
  • There is no dialog and the story is told through both the non verbal of the characters and the sound design
  • Every shot is a closeup of hands, eyes, mouths and objects exclusively

Casting then consists of :

  • Man, looks 35, athletic build, brown hair
  • Woman, looks 35, slim­average build, brown hair
  • Supporting role : Woman 25­35, small piercing or distinctive feature above the upper lip

Since the focus is on close ups, the aforementioned features should be as well groomed as possible. Also, since these are silent roles with a strong emphasis on body language, miming experience is a plus.

Please send me your resume and headshots, I need to see your smile so make sure to include one that has it, also any links to online videos you may have, the more the better, and finally your contact information.

Last but not least:

  • Everybody’s involvement is voluntary,
  • Audition will be us talking then meeting in a cafe
  • Since there is no dialogue there won’t be any rehearsals, so to you it will add up to a day’s engagement
  • You will of course receive an HD version to use as you wish
  • No need to ask questions in your email, I will gladly answer all of them on the phone
  • Shooting is expected to be on a weekend day before Christmas

Thank you for your time