Audition: Fail-Safe and We Say Such Terrible Things, Port Moresby Productions

Port Moresby Productions is now accepting submissions for the March 2015 production of two one-act plays

  •  FAIL-SAFE By Michael Stittle

Fail-Safe tells the tale of scientists looking to salvage what is left of humanity after a mysterious virus has taken out the majority of the human race.

We Say Such Terrible Things is a comedy about a dinner party of five men, some friends, some strangers, who have nothing nice to say about each other or anyone else they know.

Auditions will be held November 16, 12-4pm.

Rehearsals begin mid-to-late December and will take place on two weekday evenings and one afternoon on weekends.

The run of the show is March 4-14, 2015.

The production will be non-union and profit share.

To request an audition, please email your headshot and resume and role preference(s) to  Feel free to submit for both plays, they will be performed together each night.

Only those contacted for an audition will be seen.


  • ELIZABETH BENSON – Female, 40s.  Technology company CEO, Determined to keep control as the world ends.
  • TATE – Male, late 40s-50s.  Founder of the technology company, brilliant and possibly insane.
  • COMPUTER ENGINEER / GHOST OF MARISSA – Female, early to mid-30s.  Company employee, later the ghost of Tate’s wife.
  • SMITH – Male, mid-20s to early 30s, Computer engineer struggling with the end of the world.
  • JONES – Male, 30s. Computer engineer also struggling with the end of the world
  • ADAM – Mid-30s, Male.  He and his boyfriend Chris are hosting the dinner party.  Short fuse, always looking to get ahead.
  • BENJAMIN – Mid-30s, male.  Sarcastic and potty-mouthed, rarely cares about making people uncomfortable in social situations, and does not have a boyfriend.
  • DONALD – Mid to late 40s, male.  The kind of university professor who dates a student and says it’s because they connect.  Makes sure to stay in great shape and dress young.
  • ELLIOTT – Early 20s, male.  Effortlessly perfect in appearance and pleasant, thinks he is dating his professor because he admires him.


  • We will send you sides of your preferred role(s), they do not have to be memorized.
  • You may prepare a monologue if you like but it is not required.
  • You may be asked to do cold readings for roles other than what you specified, sides will be provided.

Send your headshot and resume and role preference to